Young Sheldon Season 6 Could Set Up A Big Bang Theory Character Flaw


The Big Bang Theory didn’t explain why Sheldon, opposed to people, was clingy, but Ian Armitage’s Young Sheldon Season 6 tease proves the power of the spinoff.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Young Sheldon season 6 seems to imply that The Big Bang Theory the fallout could explain one of the main character’s famous flaws. Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory are known to differ when it comes to certain details of their shared main character’s life. The sitcom spin-off has a different tone to its predecessor and as such can sometimes end up contradicting The Big Bang Theorythe version of events.

However, Young Sheldon season 6 will explain at least one The Big Bang Theory character inconsistency if evidence found in a behind-the-scenes photo is to be believed. Young Sheldon Star Ian Armitage recently shared a photo of himself watching a The Big Bang Theory scene from Season 5, with the actor claiming he was “Do some research.” The actor’s choice The Big Bang Theory episode seems to prove that Young Sheldon Season 6 could warrant a major character flaw.


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Sheldon is shamelessly extremely sticky throughout The Big Bang Theoryy, often expecting her friends to drop everything and attend to her needs. This is especially noticeable when he expects Penny to look after him while he’s sick, when Sheldon probably wouldn’t give her the same treatment and is averse to social contact in general. A little like Young Sheldon season 5 explained Sheldon’s “place” by showing where the character’s struggle with personal space came from, Young Sheldon season 6 can do the same for its dramatic attachment. After all, the scene Armitage was watching was one of The Big Bang Theorys “The Rhinitis Revelation” (season 5 episode 6) in which Sheldon struggles with his mother’s choice to hang out with his friends instead of adoring her.

Will Young Sheldon Season 6 explain his attachment to the Big Bang Theory?


Armitage’s choice of episode apparently implies that the root of Sheldon’s anxious attachment might become clear in Young Sheldon season 6. As Mary tries to focus on her own life, her absence could lead to the root of Sheldon’s obsessive need to make others available to him. Young SheldonMary’s strain was obsessed with her hyper-intelligent child early in the sitcom’s run, often neglecting to pay as much attention to her other children as she did to Sheldon. However, Young Sheldon season 6 may see this pattern of behavior come to an end, thus explaining where Sheldon’s obsessive need for others to care for him has its earliest roots.

Since Sheldon is often surprisingly independent when he wants to be, his attachment to The Big Bang Theory always seemed more rooted in emotion than in reason. Mary’s passion for her son explained the source of this clinging, and his mother taking the time to focus her attention elsewhere might explain what had caused Sheldon’s need to be pampered. Mary preferring Sheldon to her brother, Young Sheldon‘s Georgie, made life difficult for the eldest son, and in Season 6, Mary’s attempts to stop centering Sheldon may result in his The Big Bang Theory the iteration’s sticky personality. Armitage’s clue behind the scenes implies that Young Sheldon season 6 will again see the titular character struggling with his mother, which could explain where The Big Bang Theory the grip seemingly out of character the protagonist comes from.

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