X-Men Fan Art Recreates Epic House of X Era in Animated Style


Artist Joel Furtado has reimagined the new House of X era of the X-Men into an instantly iconic animated series, which has received incredible love from fans!

An incredibly talented illustrator has created fan art of a hypothesis x-men animated series based on Marvel Comics’ massive House X relaunch of the beloved mutant franchise. X-Men fan and artist Joel Furtado designed and drew four different “pictures” from the imagined animated series, drawing inspiration from key moments in the new era of the X-Men, which sees mutants living as a solidified nation on the sensitive island of Krakoa.

the House of X/Powers of X relaunch led by writer Jonathan Hickman has revitalized the X-Men in a way that hasn’t been seen in a long time (since before Marvel decided to stop writing x-men titles while Fox was doing x-men movies), bringing back old readers and introducing new fans to the incredibly diverse and exciting world of mutants. It’s been two years since the Hickman era debuted, and it’s clear that the X-Office has no intention of slowing down the meteoric expansion of mutants in the Marvel Universe. Simultaneously, Disney announced that it would be rebooting the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series as a new animated show titled X-Men ’97, which will premiere on Disney+, paving the way for more x-men anime series in the future and the possibility that Furtado fan art could one day come to fruition.


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House X is perfectly set up for an animated series, with Krakoan’s ability to resurrect any dead mutant providing an almost limitless supply of characters, and the new status quo of all mutants living together providing complex and dramatic interactions between ancient foes , lovers and friends. Furtado, including Twitter is absolutely full of stunning art dedicated to the X-Men, manages to bring the magnificent Pepe Larraz to life House X art in animated and digital glory. Pepe Larraz’s artistic vision for Hickman’s House X The relaunch cemented the new era as instantly iconic, with innovative Krakoan architecture and beautiful redesigns of classic characters, and Furtado managed to honor that vision while putting his own spin on the art.

Furtado’s Twitter post, asking, “A guy can dream, can’t he? » before tagging Pepe Larraz, includes four photos of potential anime series from his imagined TV series, illustrating several key moments from House X the story. Most notably, Furtado reimagined a scene of Professor X welcoming a newly resurrected mutant, and an incredibly creative and fun take on several of Moira X’s ten lives. Moira X (née MacTaggert) was a central character behind the scenes of House of X/Powers of X, having lived hundreds of years between his multiple lives and witnessing the extinction of mutants at every turn except when the nation of Krakoa was founded. As it turned out, revealed in the explosive conclusion to the recent Hell event, Moira was lying to everyoneand actually intended to round up all of the mutants to then depower them, wiping out the mutant X-Gene herself.

This incredibly dramatic and secretive plotline would honestly make for a killer animated series, and Furtado highlights the drama of Moira’s multiple lives with his beautiful art. As Marvel Comics moves forward with more adaptations of the House Xincluding a collision between House X and X-Men: The Animated Seriesit’s apparently increasingly likely that an anime House X series could actually happen in the future. It doesn’t matter if this hypothetical animated series is actually made by Marvel Comicsbe sure to check out Joel Furtado’s gorgeous digital rendition of the X-Men bold new status quo.

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