Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type?


The Enneagram type of test classifies people into nine different categories, based on their personality type. According to The Enneagram Institutepeople can find “a little” of themselves in each type, although one will “stand out” as being closest to each individual.

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According to this description, it is easy to adapt the characters from the hit show The Big Bang Theory in each of the nine personality types. So viewers who know their own Enneagram type will identify with one of these beloved and quirky characters, deepening their connection to the show and perhaps understanding a little more about themselves.

9 The Reformer – Beverly Hofstadter

Beverly Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

Reformers are “the rational and idealistic type.” They are perfectionists to the hilt, have principles and control themselves. Above all, Reformers value balance and have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Leonard’s mother, Beverly Hofstadter, exhibits strong reformer qualities, though she could easily be an investigator. She has the highest standards ever, which she applies to her motherhood, much to Leonard’s chagrin. Beverly is disciplined and always in control of her emotions and behaviors. Reformers are well-organized and wise, but they can easily become overly judgmental and impatient.

8 The Wizard – Rajesh Kothrappali

Kunal Nayyar as Raj in The Big Bang Theory

In the words of the Enneagram Institute, the helper is the “caring, interpersonal type.” They are generous and pleasant, well-meaning, and constantly driven to seek the love and attention of others.

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Rajesh Koothrappali is the ultimate assistant. He often goes out of his way to please others, acting generously with those he loves. Raj is sentimental and unafraid to show his love for others, often with great displays of affection. Helpers like Raj want to feel loved; they will act selflessly, loving others unconditionally in their darkest times. However, they may also face insecurities issues which could cause them to become possessive.


7 The Director – Priya Kootrappali

tbbt priya

Success-oriented and pragmatic, Achievers are adaptable and driven. They crave recognition and constantly seek a sense of dignity. Achievers often excel in everything they do, thanks to their skill and energy.

Raj’s sister, Priya, is the best example of an Achiever. She is a very successful lawyer capable of beating Sheldon at her own game. Priya is arguably Leonard’s best match; she is confident, charming, and attractive, pushing Leonard to be the best version of himself. High achievers are highly driven, diplomatic and balanced. However, they can also be too preoccupied with their appearance and the opinions of others, which leads them to become overly competitive.

6 The Individualist – Penny

Big Bang Theory Penny

The individualist is expressive, dramatic, egocentric and capricious. They fear being basic or unable to stand out, which causes them to constantly find their purpose and meaning.

The Big Bang TheoryPenny is the best example of an individualistic type. She is very creative and emotional, not afraid to be the center of attention. Penny can also be erratic and moody, throwing up barriers whenever she feels embarrassed or vulnerable. Like Penny, the individualistic type will constantly transform, using their creativity to improve their life. However, they can be overly melancholic and struggle with anxiety, rejecting traditional behaviors in favor of their own.

5 The Investigator – Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

Sheldon and Amy in an episode of Fun with Flags on TBBT

Intense and cerebral, the Investigator is insightful, innovative and isolated. Their curiosity guides them and they are able to develop very complex ideas and skills.

Sheldon and Amy were perfect for each other because they looked so much alike. They were investigators to the hilt, driven by their desire to better themselves and their respective fields of study. Like Sheldon and Amy, Investigators have a high opinion of themselves and often become too preoccupied with their own thoughts and ideas, neglecting the outside world. This behavior leads to eccentric and selfish behaviors, although they can easily become trendsetters and role models.

4 The Loyalist – Leonard Hofstadter

the big bang theory

Loyalists are “the engaged, security-conscious type.” They are responsible and reliable but anxious and insecure. They need support and guidance and are willing to give back.

Leonard Hofstadter is the child of the loyalist poster. More than anything, Leonard wanted stability and security, which he lacked as a child. At times, Leonard came across as “boring”, but Penny saw the strength in his reliability, which she herself lacked. Loyalists are trustworthy and dependable, as evidenced by Leonard’s endearing friendship with Sheldon. Loyalists are able to anticipate problems and resolve them cooperatively. They can also deal with doubt and suspicion, but can become courageous champions at their best.

3 The Enthusiast – Howard Wolowitz

According to the Enneagram Institute, enthusiasts are “busy and looking for variety.” They are spontaneous and versatile, always seeking to meet their needs while remaining playful and optimistic.

The Big Bang TheoryThe resident Enthusiast is Howard Wolowitz. Even in previous seasons, when he was at his scariest, Howard was still cheerful and unfazed. He pursued several interests outside of his friend group; for example, he loved magic and was fluent in several languages. On many occasions, Howard has come across as the smartest character in The Big Bang Theory. Enthusiasts like Howard are outgoing, fiery and versatile, which means they can excel in different areas. However, they need restraint, otherwise they will outgrow themselves.

2 The Challenger – Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Bernadette with a smirk

Described as “the powerful and dominant type”, the Challenger is distinguished by his decisive and confrontational demeanor. Challengers want to be in control and are often self-centered and overbearing.

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Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is a Challenger if there ever was one. Competitive, controlling, resourceful and somewhat scary, Bernadette likes to be in a position of power. People like Bernie like to win and will go out of their way to do so; at their best, Challengers can inspire others, become role models and change lives for the better. They only need to control their temper and control their most selfish behaviors.

1 The Peacemaker – Stuart Bloom

The Peacemaker is “the easy-going, self-effacing type”. They are complacent and agreeable, fearing loss and separation more than anything. They desire peace of mind and seek it by avoiding conflict and tension.

This guy suits Stuart Bloom perfectly. big Bang fans often rooted for Stuart, who was always down on his luck. Although artistically gifted and self-employed, Stuart’s life was difficult and mired in financial and personal problems. Yet Stuart was kind, loyal, eager to belong, and a great friend all around. People like Stuart will be best friends, often putting the needs of others before their own.

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