What young Sheldon lacks in the Big Bang Theory formula


Whereas Young Sheldondeviates from The Big Bang Theory The formula helped the show establish its own identity, they also meant that the spin-off missed out on one of the best elements of the previous show. Whereas Young Sheldon is a spin-off of The Big Bang Theorythe two shows are very different in style and tone. The Big Bang Theory was a multi-camera contemporary show with a laugh track, while Young Sheldon is a single-camera family sitcom with no live audiences and a more nostalgic coming-of-age bent.


Not only are there inconsistencies between Young SheldonSheldon’s version of events and memories in The Big Bang Theory, but there are also plenty of soapy, dramatic plotlines featured in the spin-off that wouldn’t have appeared on the previous show. Generally, The Big Bang Theory was a low-stakes sitcom that focused on the antics and misfortunes of its characters, while Young Sheldon is often a more dramatic series that tackles issues like infidelity and teenage pregnancy. However, there are still some elements of The Big Bang Theoryis the formula that Young Sheldon could learn lessons and recurring stories that the spin-off could benefit from borrowing.

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Young SheldonFamily sitcom status robs the spinoff of one thing that helped make The Big Bang Theory a huge hit, namely Sheldon’s interactions with his peers. Whereas Young SheldonThe battles with his adult colleagues are fun to watch (and can sometimes provide surprising insight into the origins of his The Big Bang Theory weaknesses), the spinoff misses Sheldon’s comedic struggles to maintain friendships because the show rarely focuses on the title character’s peers. Although Sheldon has friends in Young Sheldon (despite his The Big Bang Theory counterpart’s claims to the contrary), spinoffs rarely focus on these characters for entire subplots. This means Young Sheldon miss one of The Big Bang Theorythere’s the richest veins for character comedy and drama.

The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon’s Differences

The Big Bang Theory was a must see show where Young Sheldon is a family sitcom, which means the former is more light-hearted, focusing on the romantic, professional, and personal antics of a small group of friends, while the latter is more sentimental, focusing on dysfunctional family dynamics. Young SheldonThe dramatic plot lines, which touch on the breakdown of George Sr and Mary’s marriage, feel organic thanks to the show’s focus on one family, but leave little room for silly misadventures among Sheldon’s peer group. In comparison, The Big Bang Theory only featured a small handful of episodes across the show’s twelve seasons that could reasonably be called teary-eyed, with the laid-back show often prioritizing goofy punchlines over character focus .

Why Young Sheldon’s Family Focus Works

Since The Big Bang Theory was squarely focused on a small group of adults, the show never gave viewers an idea of ​​what Sheldon looked like among his un-picked peers. Young Sheldon filled in that blank, and the show’s focus on the Cooper family made Sheldon’s world more vivid and believable. As one of the show’s most obvious influences, the earlier working-class family sitcom Roseane, Young Sheldon mixes touching moments that prove the central characters really love each other with punchlines. It was something that The Big Bang Theory focused on less since, although the gang cared for each other, they were inevitably more self-sufficient and independent as adult friends than the Cooper children are Young Sheldon.

Why Young Sheldon Needs The Big Bang Theory Formula

Although Sheldon has friends in Young Sheldon, his interactions with them don’t tend to form the main body of his main storylines. Young Sheldon tends to focus on her academic and professional work as well as her family’s antics, but storylines like Paige’s arc prove that Young Sheldon can shine when the series focuses on the main character’s attempts to strike up friendships with peers his own age. Every Paige appearance has tended to be a fan favorite Young Sheldon episode, and for good reason since Sheldon’s interactions with a friend/rival of his age make the viewing captivating. While it’s fun to watch Sheldon outwit his elders (and just as often find himself outmaneuvered by them), seeing the character form the kind of dysfunctional, one-sided friendships he had in The Big Bang Theory can also be funny, poignant, and interesting for viewers invested in the character’s backstory.

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Although it can be tricky for Young Sheldon to justify lighter episodes centered on Sheldon himself, the spin-off does not always remember The Big Bang Theoryinitial call before rejecting these outputs. One of the funniest episodes of Young Sheldon season 5 ignored Mary and George’s failed marriage and George Jr’s messy relationship with Mandy to completely focus on the simple story of Sheldon secretly attending his first comic book convention during spring break, and the story of the release proved that Sheldon’s own stories as a younger version of his The Big Bang Theory themselves are worth looking at in themselves. Young Sheldon does not often aim to recreate the tone of The Big Bang Theorybut the spinoff could benefit from some of the earlier hit’s focus on Sheldon’s life outside of work.

How young Sheldon can rediscover the appeal of the Big Bang Theory

More stories involving Sheldon’s dorm mates, other child prodigies like Paige and other peers closer to her age could help stave off Young Sheldon Season 6’s darker family drama takes over for the spin-off’s next outing. After all, Young Sheldon viewers were originally drawn to the spinoff after years of watching Sheldon and his The Big Bang Theory friends interact, which means the show could afford to bring that standout back for at least a few of its future episodes. Although this does not mean that Young Sheldon can’t keep paying attention to the rest of the Cooper clan (and indeed the Season 5 episode mentioned above features a subplot about Mary trying a new sales job), that means The Big Bang Theory the spinoff would do well to pick up some of the tone of the previous show. More stories on The Big Bang Theorythe eventual hero navigating social life as a young man despite his eccentricities might help Young Sheldon bring back that lighter, funnier story balance.


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