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Event date:

November 5, 2021 – 7:30 p.m.

We all grew up with it. This sweet fairy tale of the frail and beautiful princess who won her prince when she detected a pea hidden under a stack of 20 mattresses.

The team of Mary Rodgers, Marshall Barer, Jay Thompson and Dean Fuller took this little fairy tale and divided it into a musical in 1959. Rather than portraying the heroine as a frail and gentle ingenuous, she recounts the story of Princess Winnifred, a hearty, sympathetic, weightlifting girl who swims the moat to win the wimpy Prince Dauntless.

Queen Aggravain, domineering and possessive, is however determined to disqualify all suitors for her son. She also refuses to let anyone in the realm get married until Dauntless finds a bride, so every lord and lady in the realm is very anxious for Dauntless to get married.

Aggravain’s husband, King Sextimus, is unable to overthrow his wife because he has been silenced by a witch’s curse. The only hope for the kingdom is the dashing knight Sir Harry, who decides to take it upon himself to search the swamps to quickly find a princess when he discovers that his beloved, Lady Larken, is about to give birth to her child. .

The Queen is annoyed that another princess is trying to take her son’s hand and decides that the perfect test for this earthy princess is to hide a pea under a stack of 20 fluffy mattresses to see if the bump would disrupt Winnifred’s sleep.
The Minstrel, Jester, and King slyly learn the Queen’s Test from the Castle Sorcerer, then hatch their own plan to make sure the Princess wins her man.

The Western Nevada Musical Theater Company is finally able to bring you “Once Upon A Mattress,” a hilarious comedy that has been cut short by COVID shutdowns since May 2020. The show is played on weekends at the Carson City Community Center, from November 5 to 14.

The WNMTC is happy to extend a 50% discount with the purchase of two or more “WNC Family” tickets for the Friday November 5th show at 7:30 pm. To access this discount, buy your tickets online at wnmtc.com and enter the WNC family code before selecting your tickets. Tickets cost $ 25 and $ 28 and can be purchased at wnmtc.com.

For more information, call 775-445-4249.


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