UrbanArias returns to live performance with a new comic opera (Community Post)


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UrbanArias presents Why I live in PO., a world premiere comic opera based on the classic short story by Eudora Welty.

On July 4, Sister’s uneventful life is interrupted by the arrival of her sister, Stella-Rondo, who has just left her husband and returned to the family home in Mississippi with a child in tow. When the sister questions Shirley-T.’s dubious parentage, Stella-Rondo begins to turn the rest of the family against her, starting with Mom, then Dad-Dad, and finally their eccentric Uncle Rondo. At the end of the day, Sister has had enough. She collects her belongings and moves to the Post Office, where she is a postwoman.

This interpretation sees the character of Sister split into two actors. One is the present Sister, recalling the terrible day and the injustices she suffered at the hands of her family. The other is the Past Sister, whom we observe in the drama, having her long-term service and devotion to her family completely ignored upon Stella-Rondo’s return. Of course, the truth lies somewhere between those two perspectives, and the audience has to decide if Sister “really gets along.”

Why I live in PO from April 30 to May 7. Tickets available on the Keegan Theater website.

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