Theory Claims Grimes Wrote Secret Reddit Posts About Elon Musk


Amid news that Grimes and Elon Musk have broken up after welcoming their second child together, fans have resurfaced secret Reddit posts allegedly written by the singer.

A post shared on the r/relationship advisor subreddit two years ago reportedly focused on Musk’s alleged controlling behavior over his then-partner during her first pregnancy.

Fans believe Grimes wrote the secret Reddit post asking for advice on Elon Musk’s abuse.

“My (31f) (49m) boyfriend convinced me that we need to stop talking to my mum. I understood why and it bothers me,” reads the post’s title.

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The content of the message has since been deleted (which is suspicious in itself), but nothing can ever really be erased from the internet, so you may still find the original post on

The first clue is the age gap mentioned in the title which almost replicates Grimes and Musk – Musk is 17 years older than Grimes.

The post was written after the couple’s son was born in 2020. He was born when Grimes would have been 32 and Musk was 49.

“I’m going to make bullet points so it doesn’t make 100,000,000 pages,” the poster wrote. “Also the title is like the tip of the iceberg, so buckle up I guess.”

The bullet points detail a sad story of alleged abuse while the post’s author was pregnant.

She claims her boyfriend refused to take her to hospital and called her ‘dramatic’ as she suffered through a difficult pregnancy. — the boyfriend only started to believe the woman when a doctor told him she almost died.

Just this month Grimes revealed that she had a near-death experience while pregnant with her son, X Æ A-12, and said complications during the pregnancy led her to choose surrogacy for her second baby.

In the Reddit post, the poster also mentions that the baby was born on “Star Wars Day”. Grimes and Musk’s son was born on May 4, 2020.

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The post then details how the boyfriend alienated the woman from her mother.

“He told me she was toxic and trying to interfere in our relationship and it was better for us to stop communicating,” the post read, later detailing the boyfriend showed her what appeared to be her mother calling her abusive and calling her daughter stupid on a text message.

The woman then writes that she heard her partner call her ‘unnecessary’ and describes an argument that occurred as she struggled to care for her newborn baby.

“He told me curtly that my mother had filled my head with feminist garbage all my life and that was why I was weak and couldn’t stand something that women had been doing for ages. thousands of years,” she wrote.

After all this, the woman decides to tell her mother about what was going on.

Grimes’ mother has publicly expressed her disapproval of Elon Musk.

If the details of the post weren’t already incriminating enough for Musk, look no further than a Twitter argument between Grimes’ mother and Musk that occurred just as this Reddit post appeared.

A few weeks after the birth of his son, Musk tweeted “Take the red pill”.

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The line, a reference to “The Matrix”, has been co-opted by right-wing groups, white supremacists and men’s rights activists to represent their so-called “realization” of the importance of conservatism and the dangers progressive change.

Sandy Garossino had a rather critical response to his son-in-law when he tweeted the statement, writing, “If your partner has been through a difficult pregnancy and childbirth in the past two weeks…And you were over 16, Would you be shouting MRA bullshit on Twitter right now?”

Garossino’s comments are consistent with the details of the Reddit post in which the writer talks about learning from his mother that her boyfriend frequents the forums of men’s rights activists.

She says he uses these sites to express his frustration “that he thought he had found an ideal young partner who would have babies and become an ideal housewife”.

The Reddit account also defended surrogacy shortly before Grimes and Elon Musk had their daughter via surrogate.

In a full positionReddit user arrests user for shaming a woman who was acting as a surrogate for her friend.

The user profusely defends surrogacy — something fans have suggested may be because Grimes herself was pursuing surrogacy at the time.

However, the user states in the post that her “infant son was via surrogacy,” which is not the case for Grimes.

Of course, this is all just a fan theory, but it seems too specific to just be a coincidence.

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