The Zurich Opera extends the contract of its musical director


Italian conductor Gianandrea Noseda will continue his role with the orchestra for three more years until the 2027/28 concert season

(Photo credit: Scott Suchman)

Gianandrea Noseda has been appointed General Music Director of the Zurich Opera in 2018 for the 2021/22 season, succeeding Fabio Louisi in the post. At the request of the designated director Matthias SchulzNoseda’s contract was extended until 2028.

Noseda, 58, will be part of the opera’s new management under Schulz, who will take on the role of steward and artistic director of the Zurich Opera after Andreas Homoki of the 2025/26 season. They will work closely with the Acting Opera Director Annette Weber and the future ballet director Cathy Marston.

“I am very happy to extend my collaboration with the Zurich Opera in 2025 for three more seasons in collaboration with Matthias Schulz”, said Noseda.. “It will give us all the opportunity to deepen and build on what we have already achieved. I am also very happy to continue the incredible versatility of the Philharmonia Zurich, both in the orchestra pit and on the concert podium.

“Since taking over as General Director of Music in September 2021, my impression of the Zurich Opera as one of the best opera houses in the world has only deepened,” he said. he continued. “I like the way this opera works, the seriousness and quality with which people work and the openness and productivity with which people meet.”

Along with his position in Zurich, Noseda is Music Director of Washington, D.C. National Symphony Orchestra – where he also received a contract extension — and Principal Guest Conductor of London Symphony Orchestra. In 2019, he became the musical director of Georgia’s Tsinandali Festival and Pancaucasian Youth Orchestra.

“Noseda is one of the finest conductors of our time, equally at home in opera as in concert,” Schulz added. “Just a few months after his first term as General Music Director of the Zurich Opera, he managed to leave a formative artistic mark.

“He enjoys a high level of acceptance and recognition among opera staff, the public and the media,” he continued. “Through his winning personality and his high level of professionalism, he was able to establish a close relationship with all the artistic ensembles. I am very eager to continue this fruitful work and to develop new programmatic lines with me.


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