The Prey Theory Reveals the Surprising Origin of the Mask of the Savage Predator


Of all the new Predator design elements in Preynone are more drastic (or divisive) than the skull mask, but according to a Reddit theory, its origin goes deeper than just a bold aesthetic. Prey is something of a reboot of the Predator franchise. Set in 1719, it’s a throwback to the elemental, skimpy storytelling of the 1987 original, trading the jungles of Vietnam for the great plains of northern North America and the US military for the Comanches. When the young protagonist Naru is captured by French-Canadian fur trappers and used to bait the Predator, she must use her wits, her knowledge of the forest, and the primitive weaponry of her time to survive.


To make the Predator a visual match for The prey wilderness filming locations and a fair match for their Comanche opponents, the team behind Prey gave the alien a dramatic makeover and a more primitive weapon set. Dubbed the Feral Predator, their creation is smaller, with scragglier dreads and a thinner face, than previous iterations, and it packs a lot less heat. Gone is the famous Plasmacaster, downgraded to a laser-guided arrow launcher, while the Gauntlet Nuke was replaced by Smart Disk Bombs. For defense, the Feral Predator is armed with a retractable shield and a bony facemask, both of which can deflect blades, arrows, and bullets. In terms of revamping the alien’s appearance, this latest weaponry goes the furthest, trading the sleek futurism of the Predator’s signature metal bio-mask for something ancient, even pagan, like a nightmarish vision of the alien. collective unconscious of man. Sure, the Feral Predator’s mask is anything but man-made, but despite The prey ambiguity on the question, a Redditor may have figured out where it came from.

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According to a theory from a Reddit user, u/MjrTmsthe origins of the Feral Predator skull mask in Prey can be traced to a canonical alien species known as the River Ghost, introduced in the 2010s with the Robert Rodriguez reboot, predators. The River Ghosts are humanoid in appearance, with insect-like exoskeletons and bony wing-like protrusions on their backs. Like the human characters in predators, they were dropped off at the Game Preserve Planet to be hunted, having been selected for their speed, ghostly stealth, and deadly talons. This would explain how the Feral Predator came to possess one of its skulls, whether while hunting on the Game Preserve Planet or on an expedition to the River Ghost homeworld. Meanwhile, the River Ghost’s physiology – inspired by discarded designs from the original Predator – is said to explain why the Feral Predator chose to use its skull as a mask, with the skull’s exoskeletal structure making it uniquely suited for outdoor wear. of the head. However, perhaps the strongest evidence for the u/MjrTms theory is simply the unmistakable resemblance between the Feral Predator’s mask and the River Ghost’s head.

The mask of the wild predator in Prey explained

Like the head of the River Ghost, the skull mask of the Feral Predator in Prey has a broad crown and a tapering forehead to a long, almost equine upper jaw. The crown and forehead are segmented into plates, the outlines of which appear to match various ridges on the River Ghost’s head. Sure, there are differences, but what can’t be attributed to artistic license can be attributed to modifications of the Feral Predator.

One modification is the addition of the laser targeting system. Like all the other bio-masks of the Predator franchise, the Feral Predator’s skull mask houses a laser sight capable of guiding projectiles (arrows in this case) straight to anything the iconic red triangle hits. Other features include alternate vision modes, a tracking system, and a bulletproof surface, though the latter may be a feature of the River Ghost’s anatomy and not modified by the Feral Predator.

Prey Theory: Wild Predator’s Skull Mask Comes From River Ghost

While the Feral Predator’s Skull Mask hasn’t won everyone over, it’s hard to deny that it’s a scarier look than the traditional Bio-Mask, and a better visual fit for the Prey movie setting. If, however, u/MjrTms’ theory is true and it’s a River Ghost skull, it would add a whole new level of depth to the film and even more justification for the mask’s existence. The River Ghost was Robert Rodriguez’s way of paying homage to the abandoned Predator design from the original film, but while it featured heavily in early drafts of the predators screenplay, his role was reduced to just a few pages in the final draft. With Preydirector Daniel Trachtenberg may not only have found a clever way to tie his movie to the Rodriguez reboot, predatorsbut to finally return both the discontinued design of the Predator and the River Ghost.


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