The Phantom of the Opera will bow out


The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway’s longest-running show, is coming to an end


As news alerts began to appear on cell phones and computers September 16, 2022 that the popular show “The Phantom of the Opera” was ending on Broadway, people around the world, as well as at Fordham University, were shocked.

Broadway’s longest-running show has announced its finish line, which will be reached on February 18, 2023. While there are still plenty of shows left, “The Phantom of the Opera” has been a Broadway staple since January 6. 1988. .

Over its 35-year run, people have traveled from all over the world to sit in the audience and be enveloped in the romantic horror story. As the infamous show draws to a close, its impact will be timeless in the future of Broadway.

Broadway is home to the most important and captivating musicals and plays people will ever encounter, from the historic “Hamilton” to the breathtaking “The Lion” King. “The Phantom of the Opera” stood out from these other shows for many reasons. He has continually broken many records, which still stand strong in the theater world – so strong, in fact, that it may be difficult for current and future shows to surpass him in the near future, if at all.

When “The Phantom of the Opera” made its Broadway debut in 1988, the bar was instantly set for all current and future Broadway productions. More recently, the show won a 2013 Guinness World Record for longest running Broadway show, having run 10,000 performances. At the time of its closure, “The Phantom of the Opera” will have performed 13,925 performances during its run.

This show has not only excelled in the number of performances, but also in the number of seats sold since its opening. “The Phantom of the Opera” has sold 19.8 million seats, according to the New York Times. This number is far more than any other Broadway show, with the next highest show being Chicago with 9,155 performances. This number goes a long way to express the care and love that people – including Fordham students – have given to this show.

“The Phantom of the Opera” very quickly garnered worldwide fame and attention, and before long people off Broadway were able to enjoy this supposed masterpiece.

Audiences didn’t need to understand the lyrics or the music to appreciate the love story between the Phantom and Christine. The emotion and body language told a story that could be appreciated by all. However, this show was translated into 17 different languages ​​and gathered audiences in 183 cities around the world, which shows how many cultures and people were able to appreciate this performance. Due to the international appeal of this show, many people outside of New York might also feel the loss of this news.

This show, or rather this experience, will close its curtains far too soon, even after 35 years. Broadway will face a void in the Majestic Theater where this performance has taken place countless times.

As people reflect on this show, it’s important to remember the life lessons woven into the script, such as how a romantic relationship between two people can’t always work out and why it’s important not to make mistakes. guesses about who someone is. This show ran for over three hours with elaborate music and perfect costumes – it showcased human emotion and connection.

“The Phantom of the Opera” will be missed by current and past actors, die-hard fans and, of course, the theater world. However, there are still a few chances to see this performance before the actors bow out on stage. Tickets may become more expensive as this news becomes reality, so now is the time to buy them.


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