The office theory: why Andy has two sets of parents


Andy Bernard apparently has two sets of parents in The Office, however, it’s unclear if this was intentional by the writers or just an oversight.

Of all the sitcoms out therenone more ripe for fan theories than NBC’s Office. Even after all this time, it leaves viewers wanting more, driving them into the depths of the internet to voice their opinions on various topics and theories. One character, in particular, tends to get a lot of attention – Andrew Bernard. Even though he seems to be putting a lot of his life on the table for the world to see, some things just don’t seem to make sense. Like how he kind of has two sets of parents.

In Season 4 Episode 19, Andy proposes to Angela Martin at Toby Flenderson’s farewell party. During this important moment in his life, he shows that his parents are there to testify and introduces them as Andrew and Ellen Bernard, but this is the only time we see this set of parents.

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Andy Bernard Parents The Office

The next time we see his parents is in season 8, episode 4, “Garden Party”, when Andy invites his parents to a garden party in order to impress his new boss, Robert California. But now the parents look completely different, and they are even presented under a different name – Walter and Ellen Bernard.

TikTok user @JustTheNobodys says it perfectly – Andy’s bad relationship with his parents is no secret. He always tries to impress his parents and make them proud, especially since his brother Walter Jr is the star child in their eyes. Plus, Andy has a very obvious flair for drama and acting, so it wouldn’t be surprising to suggest he’s hired actors to play his first set of parents in Season 4.

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Andy Bernard New Parents The Office

If Andy’s relationship with his parents is as bad as it seems, it would almost make sense for them not to attend their son’s engagement, which makes it plausible that Andy would hire actors. He wants everyone at his job to see that his parents are there to support him, but that also puts more pressure on Angela to say yes. Season 4’s parents also look younger, so much so that Andy’s “father” could almost be the same age as Michael Scott, which is kind of unbelievable.

Either way, there’s a major continuity error when it comes to Andy Bernard’s parents. Maybe that has been a conscious choice on the part of the writers, or maybe it was just a forgotten moment when they were faced with the task of recasting the same roles. It would suit Andy’s character perfectly if they were hired actors – a combination of desperate effort and a sad upbringing.

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