The Gold Rush Fan Theory That Explains Rick Ness Cliffhanger From Season 13 Episode 1


After the release of “Gold Rush” Season 13 Episode 1, fans on Reddit speculated that the disturbing cliffhanger surrounding Rick Ness is an elaborate ruse staged by the showrunners, and that the real reason why it doesn’t. hasn’t been in touch is because he just became a father. “There have been so many rumors and unsubstantiated gossip about Rick Ness…putting my bet on now is crap. Rick had a kid with his girlfriend,” claims u/Clarky1979. “I actually had the same thought,” agreed u/nutbucks. “The twist could be that he had the child with someone else.”

Although there is currently no evidence online that Rick Ness and his girlfriend Leese Marie had a child, most of the beliefs surrounding this theory are tied to the history of the staged event series. for the sake of the TV series. “You know, it’s scripted when a ‘worried friend’ shows up at your house with a full camera crew,” claimed u/morbidshapeinblack. “‘He hasn’t texted or called me back in a while.’ So let’s ambush him at his front door with a hell of a ton of cameras so we can bring his troubles to the public!”

Indeed, there have been numerous claims over the years that most of what you see on “Gold Rush” is completely fake and scripted – including one from former cast member Jimmy Dorsey who alleged that his dramatic departure from the show was 100% staged. Shocking as it may be to find out that Rick Ness’ disappearance actually stems from Rick having a child, it seems most fans still believe this dramatic cliffhanger is a complete fabrication of the show itself – whatever the truth.


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