The Final Sons Of Anarchy Theory That Would Change Everything


Despite the disturbing amount of blood spilling down the road, some fans believe Jax may not be dead. On Reddit, u/garebear1212 proposed the idea that Jax conspired with District Attorney Tyne Patterson (CCH Pounder) to fake his own death and enter the Witness Protection Program.

“When Jax was chased by the cops at the very end, it was a sham,” they wrote, speculating that even the truck driver (Michael Chiklis) was in on the plan. “The cops quickly put fake blood on Jax and got him out of there… Now Jax lives on the farm raising his boys with Wendy [Drea de Matteo] and Nero [Jimmy Smits] and pass under a false name…”

While the “Sons of Anarchy” fandom would surely love a Jax return, Charlie Hunnam himself has dismissed theories like this. When asked whether or not he would reprise the beloved role, Hunnam pointed out (via People), “He’s dead now. So there would never be a way to bring him back. When he’s dead, he’s dead.”

Many fans thought Jax’s death was the perfect ending to his troubled story, especially since his father was killed by a truck on that same road. A viewer commented, “I personally thought it was really poetic.” U/make burritos added: “There’s no other way they could have ended the show other than by Jax dying… he had to leave because he turned into everything he hated in the beginning, at the end.”


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