The burning question Big Bang Theory fans are still asking about Sheldon and Amy’s marriage


Just about everyone you’d expect to be there showed up for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding — Mark Hamill even stopped by to officiate the occasion. However, that doesn’t mean the guest list for “The Bow Tie Asymmetry” was complete. As pointed out Reddit user DustinDeVe, Leonard’s mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter (Christine Baranski), was conspicuously absent. After all, throughout her time on “The Big Bang Theory,” she made no secret of her appreciation for Sheldon over her own son, so why didn’t she make an appearance at the wedding? Turns out there’s a pretty understandable reason for that.

According to “Big Bang Theory” executive producer Steve Holland, Christine Baranski’s schedule made it difficult to give fans an appearance in Beverly. “She was filming ‘The Good Fight’ in New York, and it was their last two days of production that week,” he said. Charm, but the chaos didn’t stop there. In the case of Laurie Metcalf, who appeared in the episode as Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, scheduling conflicts nearly caused her to miss filming as well. Holland explains that she was performing a play in New York City at the time, but with only one day free, she went to the set of “Big Bang Theory” to film her scenes.

Too bad Christine Baranski’s schedule kept Beverly from attending Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. At least Laurie Metcalf managed to make the trip to make sure Mary Cooper doesn’t miss her son’s big day.


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