The Best TV Soap Love Triangles of All Time, Ranked


Soap operas are famous for giving viewers love in the afternoon, and sometimes they do it best in triangle form. Love triangles are an age-old story about soaps when a character bounces between two other characters who both feel they are meant to be with them.

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From the famous Jack/Nikki/Victor to The young and the restless to the frustrating Carly/Sonny/Jacks on general hospital to the most famous love triangle in the history of soap Bold and Beautiful, some soap love triangles are so memorable (and ongoing) that they become one of the show’s driving forces.


John/Natalie/Brody (‘One Life to Live’)

As it concerns A life to live supercouples go, John McBain and Natalie Buchanan were pretty epic. But their romance wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, as soon after Brody Lovett arrived in Llanview, Natalie found herself falling in love with her sister’s boyfriend .

In typical soap fashion, this of course caused a rift between Natalie and John, with Natalie eventually spending nights with John and Brody and becoming pregnant. It wasn’t until one of the series’ final episodes that John found out he was actually the baby’s father, and the couple lived happily ever after until the series ended.

Travis/Erica/Jackson (‘All My Children’)

Most Memorable All my children love triangle of all, of course, involved with the Erica Kane show. Although adored by fans for her relationship with Travis, it didn’t take long for her to take a detour to her brother Jackson.

This love triangle ended in tragedy when Travis passed away and Jackson and Erica’s feelings for each other remained strong in the show’s final episodes in 2011.

Will/Sonny/Paul (‘Days of Our Lives’)

Will and Sonny achieved supercouple status the second they went on their first date in 2012 on NBC days of our lives, and after several bumps in their road between their marriage and the education of their daughter, their love story came to a tragic end when Will was murdered.

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But in a highly over-the-top soap opera storyline, Will has returned from the dead with no memory of her husband, returning to Salem and inevitably falling in love with Sonny’s ex-boyfriend Paul. This love triangle was both enjoyable and frustrating for WilSon fans until Will finally regained the memory of his life with Sonny.

Lucky/Elizabeth/Nikolas (‘General Hospital’)

Although Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber were a beloved couple in the 90s general hospital – being dubbed “LL2” for their similarities to Lucky’s iconic parents, Luke and Laura – it didn’t take long for Lucky’s half-brother Nikolas to be thrown into the mix.

When Nikolas wasn’t pining for his love Emily Quartermaine, he yearned for a life with Elizabeth. This love triangle lasted on and off until the early 2010s, when Elizabeth spent time with both brothers and inevitably found herself pregnant, not knowing which was the father.

Sami/EJ/Lucas (‘Days of Our Lives’)

Sami Brady and Lucas Horton are one of the most memorable couples in DOOL the story. What started as a fake dating plot for Sami to be with Austin and Lucas to win Carrie ended in real relationships that resulted in Sami and Lucas having their son Will.

Fast forward a few decades and despite the fact that Sami has found love with EJ DiMera more than once, it has never stopped her and Lucas from getting behind their lovers’ backs on multiple occasions.

Carly/Sonny/Jax (‘General Hospital’)

No matter who they are currently dating or who they will date in the future, Carly and Sonny will always be endgame. ABCit is General Hospital. They share two kids and a bunch of stepkids, three story-worthy Carly redesigns, and plenty of trauma in the three decades these two characters have spent together.

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But when it comes to Jax, he and Carly will always share chemistry (and a girl), and Sonny will always hate the Aussie not only for dating Carly, but also for stealing his first love Brenda Barret from him in the end. from the 90s.

Sharon/Nick/Adam (‘The Young and the Restless’)

Nick and Sharon on Y&R are equivalent to Lucky and Liz on GH. The young 90s couple thought they were meant to be together until the soap opera stood in their way and ended their memorable romances.

While Nick and Sharon have been together on and off for the past three decades, whenever Nick’s sneaky brother Adam shows up, all bets are off for Sharon. Nick has many reasons to hate his stepbrother, but top of the list is the hold he’s always had on Nick’s first love.

Roman/Marlena/John (‘The Days of Our Lives’)

When they weren’t focused on the devil possessing Marlena, the biggest storyline on days of our lives in the 80s and 90s was his confusing love triangle with Roman Brady and John Black.

Despite John and Marlena’s supercouple status, when it emerged that John might be Marlena’s husband Roman, who had been presumed dead, the whole story took a turn. Roman’s original portrayer returned to Salem, revealing that John was only programmed with Roman’s memories, causing the soapy love triangle to begin.

Jack/Nikki/Victor (‘Young And The Restless’)

While Nikki and Victor Newman’s love story will always be a cut above all others, some The young and the restless fans will always love Nikki and Jack Abbott as a couple.

Victor and Jack have been rivals since the ’80s, with one of the most iconic scenes in soap opera history being when Jack threw an office chair out the window into the heat of the moment with Victor. And while Nikki isn’t the only reason for their enemy status, their shared feelings for her certainly never helped.

Steffy/Liam/Hope (‘Bold and the Beautiful’)

The most famous soap opera love triangle of them all is the one between Steffy, Liam and Hope on CBS’ Bold and Beautiful. This story has been going on for over a decade and remains a leading light in the series.

While Hope had Liam first, Steffy was always there to try to separate the two in order to have Liam all to herself. Several marriages and children later and these three are still tangled to this day.

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