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The Big Bang Theory is one of television’s longest running and most successful sitcoms. Not only have fans laughed at the oddities of everyday life in this band, but they’ve also learned a thing or two about science, and now with the success of Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory the universe is only growing.

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With 12 seasons under his belt, The Big Bang Theory had stories that were both meaningful and regular, as well as short and insane stories. Whether the arc was serious or insignificant, fans have enjoyed the show’s growth over time and had their favorite stories each season.


Season 1: Penny and the gang get used to each other

Sheldon and Leonard feed Penny food in TBBT's pilot

Compared to other seasons, Season 1 was TBBTs shortest season with 17 episodes. Season 1 was all about introducing the characters and their connection to each other. With the introduction of Sheldon and Leonard’s new neighbor, Penny, fans loved the ongoing storyline of apartments 4a and 4b getting used to each other.

Penny had to get used to the brilliance of Leonard and company. were, while Leonard and Sheldon had to get used to having someone as beautiful as Penny around. While other things from Season 1 of TBBT got worse, this scenario got better.

Season 2: Penny’s Gaming Addiction (and getting closer to Sheldon)

A dirty and disheveled Penny playing a video game

In Season 2, Penny grew much closer to Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj – so much so that she even started acting. Due to Penny and Sheldon’s unique relationship, Sheldon taught Penny how to play a computer game online and it got her hooked.

Outside of acting, the friendship between Sheldon and Penny was one of the best on the show. In Season 2, Penny drove Sheldon to work, they got each other special Christmas presents, he lent her money, and he helped create his own Penny Blossoms. Season 2 was just the beginning for these two.

Season 3: Howard’s Hunt For A Girlfriend

Raj and Howard at the Goth Club chatting with two girls

Season 3’s best storyline focused on Howard’s love hunt. After his attempts to woo Penny failed horribly, he and Raj focused on other women.

Once the guys returned from the North Pole, Howard’s desperation showed when he dressed as a goth to attract goth women. When that didn’t work out, Howard begs Penny to set him up with a friend, which is when he found his future wife Bernadette. But before Howard matured and settled down, viewers got to see him as a jealous, emotional boyfriend who didn’t know what he wanted.

Season 4: Taking control of the relationship between Leonard and Priya

With the timeline of Leonard and Penny’s relationship being a roller coaster, Leonard dove headfirst into a relationship with Raj’s sister, Priya. Priya was the complete opposite of Penny and the two got along throughout Season 4.

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Seeing Leonard so happy with someone like Priya depressed Penny. The rest of the season left viewers wondering if Leonard and Priya were endgame and if Penny was ever going to tell Leonard she still loved him.

Season 5: Amy’s inclusion in the group

A shared image of Amy and the girls getting to know each other on TBBT

Although Amy was introduced at the end of Season 3 and joined the group in Season 4, it wasn’t until Season 5 that Amy solidified herself as Penny’s best friend and Bernadette.

It’s in this season that Amy and Sheldon become official and she has made her way into everyone’s hearts. She helped Penny prepare for a relationship with Leonard, she helped Bernadette with her marriage, and she’s totally transformed over the years — season 5 being the start of it all.

Season 6: Howard Returns from Space

Howard’s trip to space at the end of Season 5 was important to him, but the best storyline was in Season 6 when he returned to Earth. Howard believed he was coming home a hero and everyone was dying to hear about his experience. However, those close to her grew fed up with her space stories that played out throughout Season 6.

More than that, he was no longer doing a single thing in his life; he was now back home, balancing his life as a newlywed and caring for his overbearing mother and troubled wife. It was a fun transition to watch.

Season 7: Penny’s New Adventure

Big Bang Theory Penny Killer Gorilla

Season 7 was all about different work projects. From Professor Proton’s article to Amy’s college work to Sheldon’s troubles with string theory… But all eyes were on Penny.

Penny realized she had lost control of her life and wanted to continue acting full time. After all, it didn’t make sense for Penny to focus on the waitress instead of acting. Despite Leonard’s concerns, Penny quit her job as a waitress and went on to further auditions. At the end of the season, Penny was working on a low-budget horror movie, but at least she followed her dream.

Season 8: A Life Without Mrs. Wolowitz

thanksgiving to wolowitz - tbbt

Midway through Season 8, Howard received shocking news that his mother had passed away unexpectedly. Given Howard’s closeness to his mother, this storyline was ongoing due to the impact it had on Howard and his relationships.

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Howard had to collect her ashes from Florida and take care of the house she lived in. One of the saddest moments was the group that ate the last meals she ever cooked.

Season 9: The End (and Beginning) of Sheldon & Amy

amy breaks up with sheldon - tbbt

At the end of season 8, Amy dropped a bombshell: she was breaking up with Sheldon. Their storyline took over Season 9 as no one knew what would happen to the former couple.

Amy was now best friends with Sheldon’s best friends, which created awkward tension in the group. Things got even more tense when Amy started dating. Sheldon thought he was fine, but he later realized that a life without Amy wasn’t what he wanted. Their return together later in the ninth season was one of the couple’s most romantic moments.

Season 10: Moving and Moving Forward

Amy and Sheldon try out Penny's old bedroom on TBBT

Although Howard’s Air Force project with the guys was an incredible storyline, the most transformative storyline was the one between Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, and Penny. Sheldon was finally ready to leave his safe zone and move into Penny’s old apartment with Amy. It was a learning curve for everyone.

Leonard and Penny were happy to live without Sheldon, but they missed him too. Sheldon also had to get used to living outside of his comfort zone with a woman for the first time. This situation created several storylines and arcs throughout the season.

Season 11: Sheldon and Amy’s wedding

Sheldon and Amy's wedding in The Big Bang Theory

Although Bernadette’s surprise pregnancy was a dramatic storyline in Season 11, Sheldon and Amy’s engagement and wedding overshadowed everything else.

Amy and Sheldon’s relationship was deemed perfect as they worked together (with the help of science) to create the perfect marriage. From picking up clothes to receiving, all the research – every detail was fun to watch. What’s better is the scientific breakthrough that happened to Amy and Sheldon when they got married.

Season 12: The Theory That Became a Nobel Prize Winner

amys nobel prize acceptance speech - tbbt

Raj’s history with Anu was intriguing in Season 12, but the idea of ​​Amy and Sheldon receiving a Nobel Prize was bigger. After 12 seasons of wondering if one of Sheldon’s scientific theories would come to fruition, it finally did and he was rewarded in the best way.

Watching Sheldon achieve his goals with his wife by his side, as they thank their best friends was the perfect ending to the series.

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