The Beckham soap opera ends in tears but in joy


But then it gets complicated.

Tabloids and gossip websites have suggested Victoria Beckham, once a singer of the all-female band the Spice Girls, had a falling out with her stepdaughter, largely over whether Victoria, now a fashion designer world famous, was ready to make a wedding dress for the future Mrs. Beckham junior. Or if the bride was ready to wear one.

At this point, readers need to take a deep breath. Because earlier this week, Grazia magazine published an interview with Nicola Peltz Beckham in which she said she had “planned to wear Victoria’s wedding dress” after all and was “really so excited to to be able to wear a design that my future mother-in-law created”.

Then she claimed that “a few days went by” without a word from Victoria and eventually a message came through that the workshop “couldn’t do it”. In modern parlance, gossip sites have accused Victoria of “masking” or “ghosting” her daughter-in-law.

Grazia’s interview sparked allegations of a new feud. David Beckham “read the riot act” to his son and ordered “an end to the drama”, according to a showbusiness report.

And so it seems that it happened. On Friday night, the soap opera that is the Beckhams had its happy ending after all.

The Beckhams were reunited at the Paris runway where Brooklyn and Nicola sat front row alongside David Beckham and the rest of the kids Harper Seven, 11, Romeo, 20 and Cruz, 17.

Victoria, formerly the entertainer known as Posh Spice, cried at the end of the fashion show, overwhelmed with joy and presumably relief. Kind of like when her husband scored England’s winner against Greece to reach the World Cup final in Japan with a last-minute free-kick 20 years ago.

Nicola and Brooklyn arrived before the game half an hour early in a public show of support. The crowd may have roared as Bella and Gigi Hadid, the world’s most famous supermodels, walked down the catwalk showcasing Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.


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