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After the recent announcement that The Big Bang Theory receives a tell-all book written by Jessica Radloff, hardcore fans on Reddit have been rewatching the series in preparation for what’s to come. There are quite a few heartwarming moments to relive, whether it’s the guys’ cheesy activities or the development of popular relationships like Leonard and Penny or Sheldon and Amy. But whether it’s a science experiment gone wrong or romantic mishaps, everyone in the gang has gotten red in the face at some point.

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On Reddit, fans love the show but agree that some of the characters’ embarrassing moments were too goofy or awkward to watch.

Raj dreamed of his best friend’s death

The Big Bang Theory - Raj and Bernadette

Raj being the third wheel of the group was a normal occurrence as his relationships never lasted as long as those of his friends. After spending so much time with Howard and Bernadette early in their relationship, Raj realized he had feelings for Bernadette too.

In one episode, Raj dreamed of his best friend’s death and begged Raj to take care of Bernadette on his deathbed. This scene did not sit well with the audience and many found it grumpy and embarrassing. KingBlackthorn1 wrote, “The scene I always skip is the whole Raj and Bernie arc. It was awful and cringe-worthy.” Another one Editor found the scene “gritty” because Raj shouldn’t have fallen in love with his best friend’s girlfriend.

Leonard and Penny’s deal to cheat on his dad

Penny's father in The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard took a long time to get married because they didn’t know what they wanted. Penny has always loved Leonard, but their differences made the possibility of a lasting relationship too scary for her. Likewise, Leonard had always been smitten with Penny, but was that all?

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When they parted ways (again), the two remained cordial. However, Penny couldn’t tell her dad that they were no longer together because he adored her. Instead, she pretended to date Leonard when her father visited. The fake union was embarrassing because Leonard liked to pretend to date Penny again. Madz1812 wrote “Leonard was super scary” in those scenes with Penny, which is the main reason they skip the episode when reviewing.

Howard and his clumsy fate with the robot

Howard talks to Leonard and Raj in bed with a robot on TBBT

Sheldon may argue otherwise, but Howard’s quotes proved he was the smartest of the bunch ⁠—although he didn’t always make the smartest decisions. In “The Robotic Manipulation”, he thought it was a good idea to use a robot’s hand for self-gratification. But when the hand got stuck on Howard’s genitals, he had to be escorted to the hospital for help.

Reddit u/TVaddict1973 noted how embarrassing this situation was and that it was an episode they enjoyed having a hard time rewatching. “Howard is way over me in this episode,” they wrote. They went on to say that the whole situation was making them dizzy and it was too embarrassing to watch.

Being with Howard’s mother was quite embarrassing

With Howard’s mother, Debbie, constantly cleaning up after him and helping him with daily life, he didn’t fully mature throughout. The Big Bang Theory until she dies. With his mother gone, Howard was finally able to focus solely on his career and his family.

Prior to Debbie’s death, however, Reddit u/MyriVerse found the Debbie and Howard scenes embarrassing because of Debbie’s parenting skills. Comparing the mothers on the show, the Redditor wrote “I think it would be more embarrassing for me to deal with a mom like Debbie.” They went on to explain, “Having to play the role of nanny to a mother who constantly made me feel guilty to the point of stunting my emotional growth would be horrific for me.”

Teaching women in science as well as men in science

A split image of Howard, Leonard and Sheldon teaching children on TBBT

Reddit u/Skribsbb explained that “any episode built around awkwardness, for example, the episode where they try to introduce middle schoolers to science, is just plain hard to watch.”

In the scene, Howard invited Sheldon and Leonard to join him at his old college to talk about his new life as an astronaut and encourage young girls to get into science. But it would have made much more sense for women scientists to be the speakers rather than a group of men. The scene was so uncomfortable because Sheldon and co. failed to present their areas of interest to young girls.

“It’s hot here, it must be summer.”

Summer and Howard taking a selfie on TBBT

In “The Terminator Decoupling”, Howard, Sheldon, Raj and Leonard were on a train bound for San Francisco when they saw actress Summer Glau, known for her work in Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

With Summer on the train, Howard and Raj were constantly talking to each other about how they were going to approach her since they were big fans. Raj ended up pulling the trigger before embarrassing himself, allowing Howard to rush in. All the while, Sumer was bored and wanted to be left alone. A Reddit the user said this scene was embarrassing to watch as it was “a completely creepy level of creepiness”.

Howard acted badly over the news of Bernadette’s pregnancy

Howard and Bernadette help a bunny on TBBT

Howard and Bernadette were the closest couple on the show, especially after finding out they were pregnant. In the episode, Bernadette planned to tell Howard she was pregnant after a night out in the hot tub, but when the couple found a drowning rabbit, their plans changed. The two rescued the rabbit and treated Howard’s wound after the rabbit bit him.

Firepanda11, however, found this episode (and the one that followed) difficult to watch because “Howard was terrible acting”. His fear of becoming a father was incredibly dramatic after he begged Bernadette for the children years before, making it embarrassing to watch.

Sheldon wanted to learn how to make friends

A split image of Sheldon and his whiteboard and later with a friend on TBBT

Sheldon can be socially awkward, but that never mattered to him as he didn’t care what other people thought. However, he eventually wanted to learn how to be more socially acceptable and make more friends.

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Although Sheldon is arguably the smartest character in TBBT, he needed help making friends. He went to the children’s section of a bookstore to do some research, and that’s when he met a little girl who was reading alone. Sheldon’s intentions were innocent when talking to the little girl, but Leonard knew that Sheldon could also be seen as creepy. The Secret Exit felt the same and wrote, “That scene was painful to watch, to be honest.” Fortunately, Leonard rushed Sheldon.

An intimate game of dungeons and dragons with Amy

Sheldon and Amy play D&D in his bedroom on TBBT

Amy and Sheldon have had some tough times during their relationship. Although they loved and respected each other, they weren’t always on the same page, which led to some awkward conversations.

In one episode, everyone was playing a game of Dungeons & Dragonsand Amy didn’t appreciate their friends bringing up their lack of intimacy throughout the game. She and Sheldon went to her room and played their own version of J&D but not everyone found it amusing. A Reddit the user said the scene was “so goofy” they had to “change the channel”.

Sheldon’s caffeine addiction was a distraction

Sheldon and co in the lab on TBBT

In ‘The Dependence Transcendence’, Howard and co. were under a strict deadline to complete their project for the US Air Force. They would have done it sooner, but Sheldon swore he had the math to make their guidance system smaller. Because of Sheldon’s new math, everyone was stressed to make it work.

Sheldon soon realized he wasn’t smart enough to accomplish what needed to be done. Instead of expressing his concerns, he tried to stay up later and work harder by drinking energy drinks. Editor Amy_Michelle6 said they were “skipping half the episode” because they were embarrassed by the way Sheldon was acting instead of telling the truth. They went on to say, “They sometimes make him too selfish, he becomes unassailable.”

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