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Students at King William’s College and Buchan School are celebrating after achieving outstanding results in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) exams.

At Buchan School, every child in the equivalent of grades 5 and 6 of elementary school (ages 9 to 11) was enrolled for their choral expression certificate and all 61 students received an honor.

Alex Duncan, Drama Manager at Buchan, said: “We are thrilled with these results. For every student, getting an accolade is a fantastic effort, and we are so proud of all of them.

“Each class had to perform two pieces of contrasting poetry and prose as a group, with each child taking individual lines and characters and speaking together in a traditional choir. They rehearsed weekly during their drama class and took the exam just before Christmas in front of a LAMDA examiner from London.

At King William’s College, students take exams in three main disciplines – drama, public speaking, and verse and prose expression – with grades ranging from grades 2 to 8.

Of the 40 exams registered, there were 25 distinctions, 14 merits and one success.

Drama teacher Zoe McAndry said, “This is another great set of results.

“Special mention must go to Marie Cilliers, who earned a distinction in public speaking in all classes up to and including 8th grade, and Henry Davies, who is the first student to sit three exams in the same session, obtaining two distinctions and one merit.

“Marie’s 98% score was the highest score awarded by the examiner and matched by Maeve Wilson for the 4th year of performance. “

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