Students of the Academy of Dramatic Art of UofZ plan the “Drive in Culture” project


Students at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) at the University of Zagreb are actively responding to the effects of COVID-19 on the lives of students as well as the field of culture.

ADU founded by students The production company Sabmarine launches an outdoor cultural content project called Drive in Culture. A statement on the Sabmarine project Facebook page bed :

As students of the Academy of Dramatic Art, cultural workers and founders of the production company Sabmarine, encouraged by the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we wish to influence the development of culture, support its reconstruction but also its revitalization. In this time of crisis, although we must follow measures of social distancing, community is very important and culture is the key factor that constitutes community.

The aim of Drive in Culture is to remind society of the importance of art through open-air presentations of old and new Croatian films as well as theatrical performances, dance and solo concerts. Creating free outdoor film and theatrical events is a unique blend of culture and entertainment for all citizens, who will be able to watch them from the comfort of their cars, while respecting the rules of social distancing.

Zagreb University Academy of Dramatic Art, founded in 1861© Drönar Robban

The project is also humanitarian in nature – funds raised will be used to support students at the University of Zagreb affected by the crisis. Many students have found themselves without a source of income, their plans have been canceled and the possibility of working under student contracts is currently limited. Many students fund their studies and living expenses by working in cafes, shops and other public spaces that are currently closed.

“Driving in culture” will be launched as soon as epidemiological measures permit, and in accordance with the recommendations of civil protection personnel. Currently, Sabmarine is focused on initial preparation, recruiting partners, recruiting volunteers, and booking venues.

The organizers invite all those who wish to support culture in Croatia and help Zagreb students during this hectic time to contact them through the Facebook page or by email at [email protected]

This feature is part of Time Out Croatia’s commitment to support businesses, commerce and non-profit organizations during the period of social distancing.


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