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Plus, get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

With so much going on in the daytime world, it’s easy to miss a story or two, including some of the most important happening on screen. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that happened in the last week on days of our lives, General Hospital, the Bold and the Beautiful and The young and the restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even prime-time coverage of the best sudsers!

Color impressed us! Even as we stared at the web and tried to figure out what was wrong with it Love glory and beautythey managed to set in motion no less than four mysteries that made us play detectives!

In this week’s column, Richard suggests that what Bold and beautiful really needs Steffy to embrace her inner bad girl. Plus, he suggests everyone focus their energy on the bad love situation and wondering if Katie is about to lose her #1 fan.

What happened last week: Sheila continued to dream of one day being back in Finn and Hayes’ lives, even though Deacon reminded her that can never happen. Steffy intercepted Brooke’s call to Ridge, upending her plans to surprise him with a romantic evening. Ridge expressed his feelings about his past poor choices and apologized to those closest to him. This prompted Taylor to ask him to make a choice about the future. Meanwhile, Brooke accused Thomas of taking Douglas away from Hope to cause trouble in his marriage to Ridge. Thomas informed her that being the father of her son had nothing to do with her and brandished the knife with which he had cut an apple stating that his hold on his father would soon end!

Belle wraps her arms around EJ's neck

Belle and EJ: Second round? In a exclusive, Martha Madison says “Go for it!” Well, she has a condition or two, but still, when it comes to splitting “Shelle,” Madison admits she’s totally on board!

  • Longtime viewers will remember Dr. Mike Horton. And while the part is one of the most revamped parts of all time, it’s Roark Critchlow’s version that’s set to return to Salem. But what brings him back?
  • days of our lives has a huge problem on Alex’s hands, but there’s a way to fix this mess – it might not be what they planned!
  • we never know who is friends with whom in Hollywood. Need proof? Check out Galen’s photos Gering as he had a fun day with his friends, real life super couple Nick Jonas and his wife, at a big birthday event filled with magic!
  • We know how Alison Sweeney (Sami) will spend the days of his life: Here’s the scoop on his big new contract with Hallmark Media!

The second week on Peacock picked up well, mostly thanks, Curtis says in the days of our lives‘ column, to Abigail’s murder mystery reaching its endgame. There were just enough twists and turns in the killer reveal to outweigh some of the show’s sillier storylines – like Kristen’s absurd legal posturing at Rachel’s custody hearing!

What happened last week: Leo was arrested after Gwen reported him, but Sonny remembered his attacker smelled like vanilla. This led to Chad blaming Craig before realizing Clyde was the culprit. Instead of going to the cops, he took a gun. Clyde proposed to Nancy and planned to get married the very next day. Kristen lost the custody hearing when Chloe secretly gave the judge surveillance video of Kristen threatening her. Steve tried, but failed, to attack Orpheus while he was in custody, and Kayla passed out. After receiving marriage advice from Maggie, Sarah forgave and reunited with Alex. Gwen caught Jennifer with pills, EJ asked Stefan to help destroy Gabi, and Sonny accused Alex of treason.

sonny michael
  • Just when it looked like Brando was on the road to recovery, the show cut the rug for us by killing the hunk. But was her death part of a larger plan for a story that will forever change another couple on the web?
  • In our exclusive, Ashley Jones admits she understands why general hospital fans feel so “betrayed” as she talks about Parker and Kristina’s past, present and…future?
  • Watch in disbelief an interview between Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) and his adorable daughter Coco going completely off the rails and letting her say, “It’s then Wrong.”
  • Charles Shaughnessy introduced us to his family’s adorable new keepsake that we’re pretty sure would even make Victor’s heart grow three sizes!

The show produced the ultimate red herring with Brando, but Dustin admits in this week’s column that while his death stung, it helped shock some life on the show. And that’s more than he can say for the messiness of Liz’s story or Victor’s stalled plot!

What happened last week: Brando survived the operation and told Jordan that while he couldn’t see his attacker’s face, he heard something like jewelry clinking on it. Later, Brando grabbed and died, confusing Portia, who performed a toxicity screen and learned that the hook used to attack him was poisoned. Diane stepped in to help Sasha with her conservatorship issues following Brando’s death and, while going through her legal papers at the garage, was approached by the hook killer. Liz had a breakthrough and remembered the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs in her memory, but was stunned to find out later that it was Finn’s dead wife, Reiko. Liz did some research and found a photo of herself and her sister Sarah in the Pacific Mariana Islands, where Finn and Reiko once worked for Doctors Without Borders. Victor fled with Lucy aboard the haunted star and revealed to her that something dangerous was going to hit Port Charles, and he needed her by his side to help save as many people as possible.

Michellle Stafford, Michael Graziadei Y&R

With the news that Michael Graziadei is making his return as Daniel this fall, we wondered. Will he be back to save his mother from whatever trouble she got herself into with Diane, or will he blow up a popular couple with a reunion going on for decades?

Candace has a brilliantly inspired theory as to who Trevor St. John will play in this week’s column, as she ponders Diane’s next move and Adam’s heartbreak. The best part of the week for her, however, had to be Deacon’s crossover scenes with Nikki!

What happened this week: Nikki traveled to Los Angeles and met Deacon Sharpe to smear Diane. Back in Genoa City, Diane received another mysterious message after she and Phyllis were fired and rehired at Marchetti. Noah unveiled his new nightclub, and Victoria reluctantly agreed to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his birth mother. Victoria also struck a deal with Nate, who offered to sell her his shares in the Chancellor-Winters IPO in return for his appointment as CEO. He then met Audra Charles, who had been hired by Jill to oversee the company’s IPO.

amc FAMILY FEUD, cast of 'All My Children', (L to R): Dack Rambo, Laurence Lau, Kim Delaney, Darnell Williams, Ruth Warrick, (1982), 1976-85

  • Maybe it was the sad birthday of All my children‘s final episode, but rather than let it get us down, we’ve decided to honor the legendary soap opera with a gallery of rare photos and treasured memorabilia.
  • Chicago PD kicked off its 10th season last Wednesday, which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to Jesse Lee Soffer’s Halstead. And showrunner Gwen Sigan gave us all a little taste of what to expect from her release!
  • As Yellowstone Season 5 is getting closer and closer, Cole Hauser promised “no rest for the wicked” as he gave us a unique behind-the-scenes look.
  • With the slew of soap stars set to return to the screen this holiday season for the network’s Christmas countdown special, all we have to say is: the more the merrier!

Now that you’re all up to speed on what happened last week, here’s a preview of what to expect!

  • We may finally know the identity of Diane’s mysterious texter as she receives the shock of her life in this week’s preview! Also, is this the end of Nate and Elena?
  • Oh, Brooke…we want to support you, but the decision you’re about to make is going to be hard to defend! Be ready, Bold and beautiful fans, because things are going to go wrong.
  • We now know who killed days of our lives‘ Abigail…but the big question is why. As evidenced by this week’s preview, we’re finally getting the answer. And even as the truth finally comes out, the impact of Abigail’s murder has the kind of consequences that could result in the death of another person!

Get ready for some changes with our fall preview photo gallery of characters from all your favorite soap operas who, for better or worse, are all ready to turn over a new leaf!


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