Soap Opera News and spoilers for the week of November 8, 2021


Plus a few birthday surprises.

Stay up to date with all the latest news for The daring and the beautiful, Days of our lives, General Hospital, and The young and the restless with highlights from all of the big events of the past week and shots in one convenient location.

After his recent birthday, Sean Kanan (Deacon) received a surprise when he showed up on set. You won’t want to miss what Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) did to make the actor blush. Plus, we have a hunch on a major twist that could change what viewers think of their two characters.

  • It looks like there could be a turnaround for Brooke if Deacon’s plan comes to fruition. Could this spell doom Ridge and Brooke’s marriage?
  • Find even more scintillating clues about what’s to come in our comprehensive overview of November’s contests.
  • Now that Kiara Barnes will be back for the second season of Fantastic island, it seems high time that Zoe was recast. Get our pitch on why the character needs to come back.
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) presented her subscribers with a special addition to her family. Feast your eyes on the incredibly cute photos of her new puppy.

In this week Bold and beautiful column, Charlie steps in to crown the smartest new person on the show, marvels at the heat generated by a few exes, dissects a weird, weird date, and calls HR on Donna’s behalf.

Brandon Barash jake days Brandon Barash Photo ShootJPI StudiosLos Angeles07 / 16/12 © John Paschal / jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 11920U.S.Airdate 09/18/12

Brandon Barash (Jake) has battled COVID-19. The actor took to social media to talk about how he is dealing with the virus, what his recovery looks like and to encourage his fans to stay healthy. It turns out that Jon Bon Jovi shared that he had watched Days during his recent battle with COVID.

  • It turns out that Paul Telfer (Xander) may have more in common with Foreigner star Sam Heughan (Jamie) than you might have suspected. See what a delicious tidbit he opened and hear the words that let people pass out.
  • Day of Days will return once again. This year’s event will air online on November 19, celebrating the show’s 56th anniversary. Learn how you can watch the festivities.
  • In an amazing story, Lauren Koslow (Kate) revealed how she found her oldest son after believing they would never see each other again.
  • The devil may have Marlena, but she is certainly not the only one seriously threatened. Read our preview of the November sweeps to find out what fate has in store for Ben and Ciara’s baby, the wedding chaos ahead and more.

It’s been a strange week in Salem thanks to MarDevil raising the dead. In this week Days of our lives Chronicle, Richard assesses how well the show has balanced horror and soapy drama, asks what’s next for Ben and Ciara now that they’re officially waiting, and worries that Gwen hasn’t suffered enough yet!

maxie felicia frisco

On the anniversary of a landmark event in Port Charles history, we take a look at the wild life of Maxie Jones, from his birth to his colorful life as one of the main fashionistas in the city.

Dustin has given up hope that Peter will die, begins to like NuVictor, sighs on Valentine and Anna, was flabbergasted by Spencer denying his father, and believes Ned and Olivia were ruined for good in the last one. General hospital column.

nick phyllis stafford tomorrow

As Phyllis and Nick’s relationship continues to fall apart, we try to sidestep the gloom by examining what their prospects are once they go their separate ways. Take a look at the romances that could be on the way for the once-popular couple as the debate rages on who they’ll eventually end up with.

Candace expects Amanda’s drama to be more talked about than seen, wasn’t on board for Abby’s Walk and Cry Marathon, pondering what could be next for Nick and Phyllis, and finally finds Billy and Lily interesting thanks to their fights in The young and the restless column.

Find reasons to tune in this week with all of the latest spoilers and speculation about the future of your favorite soap opera.

  • Hope is determined to bring Deacon back into her life, but it could cause a serious rift between Ridge and Brooke. Find out what awaits you in the Bold and beautiful weekly spoiler video.
  • As Philip catches Brady and Chloe giving in to their desires, John urges Marlena to fight the devil with shocking results in the Days of our lives weekly spoiler video.
  • Nick and Ashley continue to worry about the pain of losing Chance to Abby, is she about to start taking the pills? Find out in the latest Young and restless video spoilers.

And take a look at our gallery of November specials for all four soaps, including what’s coming and going to happen.


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