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Maurice Benard (Sonny)

First position: Nico Kelly, ALL MY CHILDREN, 1987-90

In A Past Life: Nico’s hard edges were softened via his relationship with Julie; later, his marriage of convenience to Cecily turned into true love.

The way of memory: “I was cool to leave ALL MY KIDS,” the actor summed up on Digestthe podcast of, Dish with Digestin 2020. “I needed to get out of New York and go to LA” Marry Makers: Benard scored his first Digest cover in 1989 alongside Rosa Nevin, who played Nico’s wife, Cecily, on AMC .

Michael Easton (Finland)

First Position: Tanner Scofield, DAYS, 1990-92

In A Past Life: Rebellious Tanner grappled with her mother’s suicide and found love with sweet Molly.

The way of memory: Easton reminded Digest in 2015, “I remember being in front of a phone booth – it was so long ago – on Venice Boulevard and getting the call that I got the part and having just enough change in my pocket to call my mom at home and tell her. She cried.”

Roger HowarthAustin

First Position: KENT WINSLOW, LOVE, 1992

In A Past Life: The Snooty prez Kent fraternity ran into Alden Cooper’s scion, which caught the attention of Kent’s girlfriend Staige.

The way of memory: “In fact, looking at what I’ve done as an actor on LOVING, there’s no part of me that’s surprised they fired me,” the actor admitted of the gig. short term on Dish with Digest in 2021, deeming his performance “truly unassailable”

Brook KerrPortia

First Position: Whitney Russell, PASSION, 1999-2007

In A Past Life: Billed as a rising tennis star and devoted BFF to Theresa, Whitney’s path down the aisle with Chad was paved with many obstacles (such as his secret first wife and the possibility of them being siblings).

The way of memory: “In LA, your whole life can change in 24 hours. And that’s what happened when I auditioned for the show,” Kerr marveled. Digest in 1999.

Lisa LoCiceroOlivia

First Position: Jocelyn Roberts, LOVE/THE CITY, 1995-97

In A Past Life: Prosecutor Jocelyn, who moved from Corinth to Manhattan, survived childhood sexual abuse and an attempted murder on the rooftop by Molly.

The way of memory: In 2014, LoCicero described his LOVE days to Digest as idyllic, saying, “I just kind of assumed that’s how it was to work on a soap opera. You show up and work hard and then everyone loves your character and a top-notch story continues. So I learned that it’s not always the case, it’s kind of like magic when it happens.

Kelly Monaco (Sam)

First Position: Livvie Locke, PORT CHARLES, 2000-03

In A Past Life: Life takes a supernatural turn for Kevin’s feisty surprise daughter when she becomes the object of the vampire Caleb’s affections.

The way of memory: In 2018, Monaco told Digest that when PC was cancelled, “I was devastated… I loved that show so much. It was my debut. I didn’t know if I would ever work again.”

James Patrick Stuart (Valentine)

First Position: will cortlandt, ALL MY CHILDREN, 1990-92, 1994

In A Past Life: Palmer’s disgraced rapist nephew made enemies of most of Pine Valley before a resident (Janet) murdered him with a crowbar.

The way of memory: Stuart’s AMC run left a big impression on his future mother-in-law, he says Digest in 2016. “When [now-wife Jocelyn] told her mom about me, she said, ‘Oh my God, he’s a rapist! He made Kelly Ripa [ex-Hayley] an alcoholic! Run, honey, run! he mused.

Cynthia Watros as Nina

First place: Annie Dutton, GUIDING LIGHT, 1994-98

In A Past Life: Troubled nurse Annie fought the bottle – and Reva, whose return from the dead doomed Annie’s marriage to “widower” Josh.

The way of memory: “I grew up in Michigan watching Josh and Reva on GUIDING LIGHT. So when I was cast [as] the person who came between my beloved Josh and Reva, it was both weird and intimidating,” Watros recalled to Digest in 2019.


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