She-Hulk’s Latest Episode Apparently Debunks a Major Daredevil Theory


She-Hulk might have overturned a popular Daredevil theory with this week’s episode. Towards the end of the fifth installment of the Disney+ series, Matt Murdock’s alter-ego made his first physical appearance on the show. However, it wasn’t the beloved lawyer but his helmet for the Daredevil costume, in all its yellow glory. Much speculation about the presence of Charlie Cox in She-Hulk focused on repainting this suit for the MCU. But, it looks like the hooded mask that Luke the Tailor has in his possession is a custom order. Now, it could be as simple as coloring in existing gear, but something else seems to be going on entirely. Daredevil probably needed a refresh, and the fashion-conscious businessman may have been making some executive decisions. (Some fans hope the yellow stays, others want to go back to blood red all over, heck there are viewers hoping for an all black look with red accents!) Only time will tell, watch it below .

Director Kat Coiro and head writer Jessica Gao both spoke to Phase Zero about bringing Matt Murdock to their show. This is all very intentional according to the creative team. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it, but it’s very conscious and it’s very planned,” Coiro began when asked how this Daredevil ties into the Netflix Defenderverse. “That’s all I can say.”

Gao would add, “We were like, ‘This is our version,’ and that’s true for any character. Like any character we’ve used that existed in the MCU, it gets a little different on our show. because you see them in very dramatic roles like these high-pressure, high-stakes situations, but on our show because our show is more of a slice of life, they can kind of take a break.”

“They can take a bit of a comedic vacation,” Gao continued. “Of course, after our show, they can come back to save the world, save the universe, a very serious and intense story, but on our show, they can just take a little break and when the universe is not in game like, ‘What’s up with you?’ They get the chance to really explore a different part of their character because not everyone can be 10 to save the world every minute of every day.”

More Daredevil is on the way She-Hulk and we don’t know who could join him. Jennifer Walters comedy show is now streaming on Disney+

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