Sauron?! ‘Rings of Power’ Theory Reveals a Twist in Lord of the Rings Canon


In a surprising turn of events, Amazon chose to center its latest trailer to The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power around a plot point that even hardcore JRR Tolkien fans know nothing about: Meteor Man.

The new trailer, which is about a minute long, is basically a montage of the show’s various characters as they all look up to stare at a trail of meteors in the sky. The meteor in question was briefly featured in the first trailer for power rings, as does the mysterious man (known informally as “Meteor Man”) who appears to accompany him. However, the emphasis on the meteor in the the Lord of the Rings The latest trailer for the prequel series suggests that she will play a truly major role in the show’s story. That’s a bit surprising, given that it seems to be one of the show’s original, non-canonical inventions.

However, a popular theory posits that power ringsThe meteor strike may actually be just as big as this trailer suggests.

The theory – For several months now, the Lord of the Rings fans have done their best to uncover the mystery of power ringsnon-canonical meteor strike. Therefore, what many have come to believe is that the meteor strike shown in the rings of powerThe latest teaser is part of a big ruse set up by the series’ central antagonist.

In this case, this villain is none other than Sauronthe Dark Lord whose actions throughout the Second Age of Middle-earth will provide power rings with many of its greatest moments and conflicts. Specifically, some Tolkien fans believe that Sauron will pretend to “arrive” in Middle-earth on a meteor in an attempt to trick the continent’s citizens into thinking he is someone sent by the divine powers of the world.

This would be consistent with many canonically duplicitous actions Sauron does throughout the Second Age.

A group of Ents watch as a meteor hurtles towards the ground in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.First video

A well-orchestrated ruse — It should be noted that there is no canonical explanation for a Second Age meteor strike like the one seen in the first two. rings of power teasers. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of solid information that one can use to speculate about the purpose of the plot in question. But that doesn’t mean fans are wrong to think the man who comes with the meteor could very well be Sauron.

After spending hundreds of years hiding in Middle-earth, Sauron finally chose to reappear around the middle of the Second Age. However, he only did so after donning a fair form disguise and taking on the nickname Annatar, the Lord of Gifts. As Annatar, Sauron tricked many Elves of Middle-earth into believing he was a benevolent figure sent by the Valar from the Undying Lands. Afterwards, he further tricked Celebrimbor into forging the Rings of Power with him.

Given all of this, claiming to be a man who fell to Middle-earth on a meteor would certainly go a long way in selling Sauron’s image as someone sent by the Valar themselves. We also know that the Meteor Man will join the Harfoots at the start of power rings, who so far appear to be the most confident races on the show. Having Sauron, the embodiment of evil and corruption, hanging out with a bunch of hobbits at the start of power rings would be a beautiful dramatic irony.

There’s also consensus among fans that Meteor Man seen in the show’s trailers is actually a character known as “The Stranger,” which Amazon has already confirmed will be played in power rings by actor Daniel Weyman. The character poster for The Stranger, in particular, shows him holding an apple. If The Stranger ends up being Sauron, it could be a biblical foreshadowing of the character’s true nature.

Is Meteor Man secretly Sauron? He certainly could be.First video

The Reverse Analysis – There are some the Lord of the Rings fans who believe the character known as Meteor Man is not actually Sauron but Gandalf or one of the two Blue Wizards. However, having any of these characters arrive via a meteor during the Second Age would contradict Tolkien’s established canon far more severely than pretending Sauron fell to Middle-earth on a meteor. For this reason, when it comes to Meteor Man’s identity, Sauron seems like the most likely candidate.

Whether or not it’s who Meteor Man turns out to be in power rings that remains to be seen. That said, having it literally crash into Middle-earth would definitely be a hard-hitting and unexpected way for the the Lord of the Rings prequel series to introduce its biggest villain – even if that bothers some die-hard Tolkien fans.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres Friday, September 2 on Prime Video.


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