Rotorua Musical Theater puts on an interactive and technical show


Director John Drummond at the Casablanca Theater. Photo/Andrew Warner

A fun and interactive evening with comedy and shows from various countries is planned for those heading for an upcoming theater show.

Rotorua Musical Theater‘s first production for 2022 is Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience, which will run from 25 March to April.

The show is a glitzy, comedic and loving tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest.

It features 11 competing countries, a slew of anxious contestants, a gushing hostess and a quirkiness that delights and makes you cringe.

The public vote is genuine with the potential for a different winner each night.

The competing countries are Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, Iceland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine and Norway.

Audiences have the flag of a country to support named to their seat upon arrival, and after performances they vote for their three favorite items.

They will use their phone to access a voting website.

After the intermission, hostess Bettina coordinates the crosses live on a television screen, collating each country’s voting results.

The scoreboard is updated after each country’s live cross, and it’s not until the last broadcast that the public knows who the winner is.

The winning country then performs their article again.

Director John Drummond says the show is very interactive and fun, with hilarious lines and adult humor.

It’s also very technical, with videos, green screens and showing live crossovers with other countries.

He says there are 17 in the cast and the rehearsals – which have been going on for about two months – are going very well.

When asked why he would encourage people to come see the show, John had three main reasons.

“One – it’s going to be a fun night. Two – everyone needs to have fun right now. Three – there’s nothing better than live theater.”

The musical director of the show is Maria Kapa and the choreographer is Samantha Rowe.

The details
– What: Rotorua Musical Theater presents the Song Contest – the almost Eurovision experience
– When: from March 25 to April 9
– Where: Casablanca Theater
– Tickets: or call 0508 iTICKET (484-253)


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