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After this splendid performance by Zoro in his fight against Kaidou and King, the spotlight is on him. Even Zanji fanatics would agree that his battle is a highlight of the Wano Arc. We initially hoped that Samurai Land would provide an answer to some unanswered questions about the swordsman’s backstory. Unfortunately, this only led to more questions. The Pirate Hunter has been around since the first One Piece Arc; however, information about its existence has continued to elude us. With this Roronoa Zoro Wano theory, we hope to be able to shed light on this character who continues to confuse us.

Interesting Roronoa Zoro Wano Theory That Does or Doesn’t Make Sense

Credits: Weekly Shonen Jump

Admit it, some of us were hoping Wano Arc was Zoro’s Arc. We’ve seen Nami’s dramatic story in the Arlong Park arc, Robin’s tragic story in the Enies Lobby, and Sanji’s eccentric family in the Whole Cake Island arc. Unfortunately, it looks like fans of this manga series will be disappointed. As the conclusion nears, we begin to understand that the Arc features Luffy’s transition from a character that rivals the power of the Yonkou to the Pirate King. Still, since Wano has already given us a glimpse of Zoro’s backstory, the next Arc will most likely be about him. In the meantime, here’s an exciting Ronoroa Zoro Wano theory for us to consider.

Zoro comes from the past

This is a repeated theory from Roronoa Zoro Wano fans that we often come across on Reddit and Quora. Some users claimed that Zoro and Toki were related and that Toki accidentally sent a baby Zoro to the future. Toki hails from a civilization over 800 years ago. It was mentioned that she traveled several times to the future to escape dangers and probably to find someone. While the idea of ​​time travel is a crazy way to connect Toki to Zoro, let’s first consider what they’re trying to point out.

Why doesn’t it make sense

Hiyori and Zoro Credit: Weekly Shonen Jump

  • Hair color similarity – Well, if hair color is the basis of the One Piece characters’ relationship, then Cavendish, Hawkins, and Sanji are all related. Also, remember that Zoro’s original hair color was orange-brown.
  • The unusual closeness with Hiyori – This seems odd since Zoro won’t be interested in a woman unless she’s a good swordsman. However, this isn’t the first time Zoro has saved a woman. He also saved Robin and O-Tsuru. So this evidence on Roronoa Zoro Wano theory seems implausible.
  • Shimotsuki Kozaburo in East Blue – It seems unbelievable that Shimotsuki Kozaburo illegally left samurai country to establish a small village in faraway East Blue. Then came Zoro, who appeared out of the blue, challenging the Dojo Master. It’s too hard to believe that this is a coincidence; maybe it’s part of a bigger plan. Kozaburo was also a wanted criminal for unknown reasons. However, Shimotsuki left Wano 55 years ago, before Toki appeared. Therefore, they are unlikely to have a connection.

Why this makes sense

Roronoa Zoro Ryuma Theory Credit: Ryuma-Eiichiro Oda-1994 Shonen Jump

  • Uncanny Similarities to Ryuma – Some of us have been convinced that Zoro and Ryuma are related to each other. However, since Ryoma died long before the Pirate Hunter was born, the idea seems far-fetched. Now enter Toki with the ability to send someone into the future. The Roronoa Zoro Wano theory doesn’t sound too ridiculous at all.
  • Poor sense of direction – Some fans believe his poor sense of direction is due to him getting lost in time. Nami also pointed out that he had already lost his sense of direction since birth.

So what is the possibility of this Roronoa Zoro Wano theory? Zoro indeed has a connection with the Wano village. If this relationship is with Toki, Ryuma, or both, we’ll definitely find out in the next Arc with Kozuki Toki’s premonition.

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