Reacher Turns Fighting Into Art Form In Amazon Season 1 Video



So now Amazon Prime is getting into the supercuts game with To reach, apparently now the best streaming show in the world. This compilation video collects the fights of the first season in eight episodes… and it lasts only 5 minutes.

Still from “Reacher”, Amazon Studios

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to know that To reach is an adaptation of Jack Reacher’s debut novel “The Killing Floor” by Lee Child. There are currently over 20 books in the series and at least 100 million copies sold worldwide. Maybe 200 million. We don’t know for sure. We haven’t made any staffing personally. The show turns out to be a major comfort food for people. Who would have thought that a big hulking hero, played by Alan Richson, who roams from town to town righting wrongs by beating and killing all the bad guys would be so popular? Except maybe anyone with a brain? Jack Reacher is as simple a hero as it gets. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s smart, and he punches bullies.

So instead of a compilation of his wisecracks, which he does a lot of, they made one of his fights. Considering Reacher punches people at least once in each of the 8 episodes of the first season, it’s surprising that this video is so short. Maybe the scenes where he hits someone once don’t count? Either way, the fights pulled straight from the book faithfully visualize them, name the two fights Reacher engages in in prison. As in the books, it’s not just muscle and physical strength that make Reacher’s fights the climax of the story. It’s how he strategizes and uses his strength and speed. The books consistently describe how Reacher uses his elbows as weapons as much as his fists. He swings them like axes while his big fists serve as wrecking balls. He also uses his weight for momentum and uses it to shift the center of gravity when facing larger enemies. He follows famous samurai Miyamoto MusashiThe basic tactic of winning fights against multiple opponents is that he does not fight multiple people at once but separates them by distance and movement so that he fights one opponent at a time. Reacher’s combat logic is solid. If there’s a wrong note, it’s the men who aren’t as big or tall as him who take it. By right, these fights should be over in seconds, but this is TV, where things need to be extended for dramatic suspense. But that’s the network-style TV compromise for you. But hey, those 5 minutes are an advertising tool to get more people to watch the show, so we don’t blame him.

To reach is now hitting people on Amazon Prime.

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