Quick take with Joshua Morrow


Are you happy to close the chapter on Ashland Locke or did you want this saga to continue? “Personally, I didn’t want the Ashland saga to end as quickly as it did. I thought there was a long way to go with this story because it touched so many characters. I just liked that the Newmans had this foil because one of the things that I like, if not the most, is that when one of them is in danger, the whole family goes around the wagons and does everything she can to protect herself. I like this quality, especially when the charge is led by Victor. And that includes Adam and Abby. The family mantra is, “We’ll get through this if we just shake hands and stay tight.” » ”

How do you find Nick in the corporate world? “I love that he’s really involved in the family business again with all the storylines and trials and fights that come with it. It’s all fun to play for me. Nick is part of the Newman fabric and I just love being in the mix. And I love working with Amelia [Heinle, Victoria]Email [Thomas Scott, Nikki] and Eric [Braeden, Victor] every day. As an actor, I felt a bit lost because I didn’t really know what Nick was doing anymore. Not every character needs to have a thing to do, but once I’ve been removed from any corporate dynamics, you’re kind of on the outside. So it’s been invigorating, to say the least. , to be back in the heart of the matter.

Which means wearing a suit every day. Yeah, I don’t like it happening again. When my high school guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to do in life, I vividly remember telling her, “Honestly, I don’t even know at this point, but I just don’t want to not wear a suit [laughs].’ So there have been periods where I’ll be wearing costumes for months and months on the show, which I never liked, but I like the direction of the story and where Josh [Griffith, co-executive producer/head writer] planning to take Nick, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s to come, even if it’s in costume.

Why is Nick willing to give Sally, who manipulated his daughter into moving to Italy, a second chance? “Nick is intrigued by Sally and it’s in his nature to give people a second chance. He’s willing to allow people to find their own way because that’s all he ever wanted from his dad. He sees that Sally has a drive and ambition that truly aligns with Newman Media’s mission statement. He really went to fight for her by fighting Victoria and her dad over and over again because he wants to see what Sally can do. Nick sees that Sally is a fighter who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and he respects that.

Are you excited for the next chapter in Nick’s life? “Yeah. He has the potential to be messy and really challenge Nick. I felt like I was sort of freewheeling for a while and now Josh and the writers seem to have some interesting things lined up with a new lady and the dynamics of the company. I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time with the show and it’s been really fun. I love going to work and I feel like they trust me to lead a story and be a crucial part of it.


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