“Queens” review: He brings the group together for the ABC soap opera


QueensIs a famous idea that is not royalty free because it is smooth, packaged and made. Like Peacock’s “Girls5eva”, the concept is based on a group of girls reunited 20 years later and fighting for glory. By rediscovering the limelight and danger after years of braiding hair and scorching breakfast.

At a recent social event, we learned more about Briana (Eva);

Formerly known as the Sex Teacher, raising five children. The show methodically introduces the rest of the quartet once known as “Nasty Bitch” (the name itself has its roots in the past). Which, as Jill, aka Da Thrill (Naturi Naughton) notes, “above the world for hot minutes”.

The other band members, Naomi / Xplicit Lyrics (Brandy) and Valeria / Butter Pecan (Nadine Velazquez), have sharp arguments. The first struggling solo. “Always in pursuit of the fame you found 20 years ago”. It is said – and the latter has managed to develop into morning television where his unbridled ambition displayed.

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His manager (Taylor Sele) offers to reunite the group through a television show. And the lure of a quick payout is enough to weaken resistance on several fronts. But in the end, it’s a series, so the reunion won’t end there. With the challenges of officially organizing the homecoming and the soap opera that accompanies it.

As previously stated, the idea of ​​a single star tackling old complaints and clinging to fame for a few more minutes isn’t new (that’s what you do Tom Hanks is an ode to one-shot magic). But the sets and the hip-hop castings give the “Queens”Relatively cool feeling. The warning is that once you get past the premise. This series becomes another soap opera set in the world of music, ala “Empire”.

Which means it will be just as good a situation that the Author could continue to create.

ABC standard. Produced by Scandal alumnus Zahir McGee (who wrote the pilot) and directed by Tim Story. “Queens”Seems to be in good hands on the show. Although its content and less explicit words are just as messy, in my opinion. In the old-fashioned sense of TV planning. The shows are also hoping for a boost from the fact that “The Bachelor” was supposed to begin.

Until there, Queens did a fantastic job putting the pieces together. Another problem could be to prevent them from blowing up the functioning of the fictional group of the series.

Most promising, “Nasty Bitch” has a relationship with Lil Muffin (disarming Pepi Sonuga). A future rapper, where they reflect the ups and downs of her age. In this story, Queens speaks most clearly about what the music industry can do for women. And what that can do to them and the limits of the power even a superstar can wield in that regard.

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Lack of confidence is a change of tone in some of these scenarios. sometimes Queens takes on a rocking comedy rhythm, even in straight and dark storylines. Other times, he breaks the sensuality with neon lights and dark tunes. Depending on the scene, it can be described as a dramatic tragedy or a soapy blur. The latter, mainly when Valeria de Velázquez eats the screen. Combined with the plot bouncing across the country in the first episode. Generate new themes wherever it goes. Queens may feel like she’s trying to turn a few too many plates at once.

Or maybe it sounded like a show so full of potential that he barely knew where to start.

The rest of the season will show Queens staging: dramatic or critical drama of industry, exuberant debauchery or explosive plot, or a combination of the two. But it follows from the hard rock assumption that seeing these queens again in the spotlight is a joy – although we’ve never had a bad bitch in reality.


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