Portland Opera To Go presents a traveling production of A JOURNEY OF FAITH / UN CAMINO DE FE


Portland Opera has announced that Portland Opera to Go returns this month with A Journey of Faith / Un Camino de Fe by Hector Armienta. For more than two decades, Portland Opera to Go (or POGO) has been sharing inclusive artistic experiences with students, educators, and community members across the region.

POGO will perform at venues across the state, including school gymnasiums, libraries, cafeterias, classrooms and community centers, all with full costumes and wearable sets. In addition to the in-person performances, a digital version of A Journey of Faith / Un Camino de Fe will be available for educators.

Based on a true story, A Journey of Faith / Un Camino de Fe is a story within a story. It opens with a young Latina high school girl struggling with a writing assignment for a competition. Convinced her family history isn’t interesting enough to tell, she is confronted by her older brother, who recounts through a series of flashbacks the emotional and difficult challenges his family faced as immigrants to the United States. United. Plagued by Coyote (an immigrant smuggler), the opera‘s antagonist, the family struggles with poverty, rejection and disillusionment, sometimes finding their only support in the father’s vision and faith. Through her brother’s inspiring stories, the young girl’s pride in her family and her heritage is rekindled.

In a typical year, POGO members travel more than 8,000 miles to connect with approximately 13,000 K-12 students. Integrated classroom workshops and teacher guides, highlighting curricular connections aligned with state curriculum standards, are available each year. To date, the program has shared the opera with over 285,000 students and community audience members living in Oregon, Southwest Washington, Northern California, Western Idaho and northern Nevada; with a focus on schools facing barriers to accessing the arts.

Educators interested in bringing Portland Opera to Go to their students digitally can contact Alexis Hamilton, Portland Opera’s Head of Education and Community Engagement via email [email protected].


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