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The Phantom of the Opera is a must see show that is now presented in London at Her Majesty’s Theater and scheduled until 2022. Although it premiered over three decades ago, it still looks’ new. ” in many ways.

The Phantom of the Opera show opened in 1988 and is based on the 1909 novel The Phantom of the Opera. The music is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is the oldest musical on Broadway. The forerunner of theatrical production, The Phantom of the Opera, has become an integral part of global culture and will continue to be enjoyed by all musical theater enthusiasts for years to come.

You can see a lot of psychological twists and concepts in the plot, which made this show a success. The stimulating concepts of the screenplay revolve around Christine, Raoul and Phantom.

The main theme of the Phantom of the Opera story

The main theme of this show is the difference between reality and appearance. The main protagonist of the story is the Phantom. The show turned out to be a masterpiece as audiences are left with many unresolved questions in their minds while still leaving the theater tied to their life and take on it.

Audiences are sure to stay on the edge of their seats until the end, as this show offers suspense, entertainment and great music. Tickets for the longest-running musical in Broadway history are on sale at Cheap ticket office. It is interesting for theater lovers to witness what goes on in the lives of Phantom, Christine and Raoul.

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