Opera 83 update adds support for automatic video output


The Opera 83 update is now rolling out for Stable Channel users. This release introduces a new feature called automatic video pop-out, also known as picture-in-picture mode.

This is a useful option to have, we’ve seen other browsers support it natively, including Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi.

Automatic video popup in Opera browser

In June 2021, Opera rolled out the R5 update, which introduced a feature called video conferencing. It switches video from normal view to a compact picture-in-picture mode for some services like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc. Opera 83’s new automatic video popup is similar to the conference feature, except the old one automatically switches PiP mode for any video that’s playing.

Suppose you are watching a video on YouTube, but switch to another tab, the video will display above the new tab in a mini-panel. The PiP window has playback controls to pause/play, control volume, close panel. It is a floating window that you can resize or move around the screen as needed.

Switching to the tab that contains the media, for example the original YouTube page, will automatically switch to normal video mode. Switch to another tab and it appears again. It’s pretty cool. Users who don’t like the automatic video pop-out option can disable it from Opera browser settings. Additionally, the page lets you enable a transparent version of the pop-up reader, which can be handy if you like to read the text on a page behind the panel. There is no control to manually adjust the level of transparency.

Opera browser disable video popup

The new feature isn’t perfect, as the video popup seems to stop working if you close the panel or go back to the source page to pause/resume the media and switch to another tab. In this particular scenario, the popup does not appear even when you reload the tab. So you’ll have to either manually trigger the pop-out or close the tab and open the same video in a new tab. It’s a bit annoying, but not a dealbreaker. In my testing, the video pop-out only worked with YouTube, I tried it with Amazon Prime, Steam, Twitter, Dailymotion, but none of these videos triggered the option automatically. The popup works with these services if you manually click the button, so that’s definitely an issue with the new feature.

meme generator

Opera browser’s Snapshot tool now lets you create memes. To access the option, open the snapshot tool, capture a screenshot, and click the Meme button on the toolbar. Use it to add text above and below the image, optionally set text color, font type, and you can roam the internet with a custom meme. You can save the image locally or copy it to the clipboard. The release notes for the new version are available on the announcement Publish.

Opera browser meme creator

Opera 83 update is based on Chromium 97, which as you may have read disables the default search engine removal option from the preconfigured list, all Chromium based browsers except Vivaldi are affected by the change. Opera offline installer for Windows, Linux, macOS can be downloaded from the official site.


Opera browser will trigger picture-in-picture mode when you switch to a new tab

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Opera browser will trigger picture-in-picture mode when you switch to a new tab

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Opera 83 update adds support for automatic video output. The browser displays a picture-in-picture panel for videos when you switch to another tab.




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