One Piece Gets A Legendary Fan Art Overhaul Of Its Most Legendary Moments


Some of One Piece’s most legendary moments have been painted in the ancient Japanese style of ukiyo-e, making them even more epic.

One of the most legendary manga ever published, A play has more than earned its global fanbase. Whether it’s cosplay, woodcarving or even paintings, A play fans have created some great tributes to the series. Now artist @Justin96639 has contributed to the amazingly deep quality pool A play fan art with his interpretation of some of the series’ most breathtaking moments in the style of early 17th century Japanese artwork, also known as ukiyo-e.

Known for their work reimagining incredible scenes from various anime and manga, including A play, @Justin96636’s artwork is based on a 17th-19th century art style originating in Japan known as ukiyo-e. This specific style of art began with woodblock paintings and often focused on scenes involving folk tales, samurai, mononoke, and even kabuki dancers. Ukiyo-e is also known for its wide range of landscape paintings, many of which depict urban and working-class life.


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These rooms – shared with @justin96636‘s Twitter – successfully imitate the style of ukiyo-e and use it to bring many A playthe most iconic moments. Luffy’s mighty Gomu Gomu no Gigant in his Gear Fifth form is beautifully depicted in this art style. Her hair flows like the curled tongue of a flame with ukiyo-e’s signature curved line work and the framing of the scene itself manages to invoke the spirit of a classic folk tale.

Also noteworthy are depictions of Kozuki Momonosuke declaring Wano a free country and Kozuki Oden holding the red scabbard over a pot of boiling oil. Each of these scenes has been recreated with extraordinary attention to detail and beautiful surroundings.

A play is a series known for its emotional highs in every arc, pushing for the most dramatic moments possible at the right times. Much like its titular first arc, Romance Dawn, the series has come to represent the big idea of ​​romance whenever possible, romanticizing the idea of ​​dreams, treasures, and adventures. @Justin96636’s beautiful artwork follows that lead by romanticizing some of A playthe biggest stages with these jaw-dropping ukiyo-e renderings. This style of art makes A play feel like it’s an ancient legend, depicting a larger-than-life hero battling a dragon, a leader recognized by his people, and a man with an indomitable will ready to shoulder the burden of his comrades .

A playFans of have been producing amazing works of art for years and this series of ukiyo-e style paintings is undoubtedly one of the best to date. One can only hope that as the series continues, these mythical renditions of A playthe most iconic moments.

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