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The cast of Ogden Musical Theater‘s ‘Little Women’ in concert, opening Thursday, February 10, 2022.

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Marin Tarbox as ‘Jo’ in Ogden Musical Theatre‘s ‘Little Women’.

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Marin Tarbox as ‘Jo’ and Derek Marsden as ‘Laurie’ in Ogden Musical Theater’s concert-style production of ‘Little Women,’ the Broadway musical.

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A concert-style rendition of “Little Women,” the Broadway musical by Ogden Musical Theater with live music by Ogden Chamber Orchestra, opens Thursday, February 10, 2022.

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‘Little Women’ is the latest production from the Ogden Musical Theater to take the stage at Peery’s Egyptian Theater from February 10-14. It is a concert-style rendition of the Broadway musical based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

Being a “concert” rather than a full musical production means fewer sets, light choreography and having the cast on stage throughout the performance. It also stands apart from OMT’s summer musical productions with the addition of the Ogden Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Michael Palumbo, playing live and on stage during the show.

Show director Marilyn Montgomery expressed excitement for the value the live orchestra will bring to the performance, which she says has become a rarity in musical theatre. “To be able to recreate this incredible story for you in concert form with a live orchestra is thrilling,” she said. “To top it off, we have assembled a cast of extremely talented singers to perform this beautiful score. It is a privilege to be here in this wonderful theater with you.

The 10-person cast — five Weber State graduates, two from Ogden and area, and three Salt Lake City residents — includes Marin Tarbox as Jo, Derek Marsden (Laurie), Dianna Graham (Marmee), Anna Carr (Beth), Samantha Wursten (Meg), Tyler Bender (Amy), Nick Cash (Mr. Lawrence) and Shawnda Moss (Aunt March).

Music will be performed from “Little Women,” the Broadway musical (2005) based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved 1868 semi-autobiographical novel that follows the adventures of the four March sisters – the not-so-famous writer feminine Jo, shy Beth, traditional Meg, and romantic and slightly selfish Amy – who come of age while their father fights in the Civil War and befriends the boy next door.

“What we love about ‘Little Women’ is that the characters from an entirely different time period are so close to all of us today,” according to a statement from the Ogden Musical Theatre. “The book is a classic and people know the story and identify with the characters.”

Each year for its spring concert, OMT aims to choose a musical in which the music drives the show. “Little Women” was handy for this year due to the small cast size allowing them to be aware of COVID issues.

This concert-style rendition of “Little Women” will be different from the usual show that Louisa May Alcott fans know and love, according to OMT: “The storyline is the same, but filled with beautiful music and talented musicians.”

The show runs in the evenings from Thursday February 10 and ends on Monday February 14, with morning and afternoon performances on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets cost between $20 and $28 and can be purchased online at ogdenmusicaltheatre.org or by calling the Peery’s Egyptian Theater box office at 801-689-8700.


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