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Olivia Boyer-Smyth as Ariel and Jakob Diston as Scuttle in Oak Bay High’s upcoming musical performance of The Little Mermaid. (Courtesy of Oak Bay High Musical Theatre)

After two years of COVID-19 restrictions and barriers, Oak Bay High’s senior musical performs The Little Mermaid in front of a live audience.

With a canceled Mama Mia behind them, the team decided on the hard work in June 2021, with low COVID-19 numbers and hopes for a live audience, said Professor Tim Bradshaw. They didn’t care when three-hour rehearsals several days a week began just as the number of cases spiked and a new variant took hold in October. This time they were allowed to record if necessary. Plus, rehearsals “always go by really fast because we’re having so much fun singing and dancing,” Ariel actress Olivia Bowyer-Smyth said.

Gur Ben Dor, who plays Prince Eric, asks the audience to support the young actors and the stage crew in case of rust when returning to the show.

“Everyone here is doing their best to put real effort into making this special,” he said.

This stage production of The Little Mermaid features a large costume crew (with supporting roles visually changing from creature to creature as the scenes progress), a stage crew and 18 musicians in the pit of the Dave Dunnet Theatre. The show features a cast of over 40, including Olivia Bowyer-Smyth who plays Ariel alongside Ben Dor.

Bowyer-Smyth, an 11th grader, committed herself to dyeing her hair red for the role. It’s a nod to the Disney movie, as is much of the nostalgic music throughout, she said, but “the ending is a little different.”

The Little Mermaid runs March 3-5, 9, 10, and 14 at the Dave Dunnet Community Theater at Oak Bay High, 2121 Cadboro Bay Rd.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for students and seniors available at the school office or online at oakbay.sd61.bc.ca.

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