Not so nerd now – eyebrow art


There was a fashion headline last week stating that thin eyebrows were back in vogue, and I, listening to all the major world news as I am, have big opinions on this one : you should not encourage people to pluck their eyebrows in a thin pencil. line, what the article was kind of, sort of vaguely suggesting.

It’s no doubt a good look, considering the arched eyebrows of the 1920s and the sultry glamor of actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, with her finely drawn brows seen through a haze of cigarette smoke. . Finely plucked and penciled eyebrows became a trend: in the 70s, in the era of Kate Moss waif of the early 90s, Pamela Anderson, the crowd of the year 2000, and now in 2022, we see it again , brought back by popular celebrity models Rihanna and Bella Hadid.

Marlene Dietrich and her famous penciled eyebrows.

I was a teenager in the Shire in the late 1970s, the infamous puberty blues era, and I can tell you that the big look on Cronulla Beach was the white zinc, the Scholls platform and the over-plucked eyebrows.

I plucked my naturally thick, defined brows into two spindly, unattractive arches, one shorter than the other, and my mom was so upset she forbade me to have peroxide strips on my brows. front of my hair, making me a social pariah in Sylvania, but in retrospect a good call.

Luckily my eyebrows grew back, but I was 13. No one over 21 should consider plucking their eyebrows into a thin line because they’re unlikely to come back, and that perpetually surprised look is something you might not be looking for at 50. .

The aging process, or even just fluctuating hormonal imbalances, can lead to eyebrow hair loss over time. Some hair follicles stop producing hair, hair shafts become thinner, and your eyebrows may become patchy.

Eyebrow hair also begins to lose color, turning white or gray. And then you’ll find yourself standing in front of a beauty counter wondering whether to buy a $130 eyebrow hair growth product, blah blah, something that won’t work anyway.

Yes, you can get your missing eyebrows tattooed, but a “fluffy” eyebrow is a preferable eyebrow (according to experts) and you’re not going to look fluffy at 50 if you rip them out by the roots willy-nilly because Bella has who’s watching this month vogue.

There’s a nifty eyebrow shellac kit on the market called Sencha that gives you all the tools to scrub your eyebrows at home for a nice thick, feathery look. I was thinking of trying it, but it involves a perm solution and I was worried that my now uneven and thin eyebrows (see above) wouldn’t take it well.

I’m waiting for someone with thick, unruly eyebrows to come by so I can give them a quick perm and comb and see the result on them. The pack comes with a fixative and nourishing oil, so I’m confident the result will be nowhere near as dramatic as my 70s disaster.

Sorry, mom. You were right.


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