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READY TO STEAL THE SHOW: Musical theater star Josh Piterman has performed at the Opera and the West End, but he will come to Parkes in April. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Josh Piterman has graced the stages of the West End, the famous opera house and performed all over the world – but he’s delighted to help people step into another world with his phenomenal voice at the Overture concert in Parkes on April 2 .

Josh will perform alongside the effervescent Lucy Durack at the Cooke Park Pavilion for the biggest show Parkes has seen – but not only, young local talent will perform alongside one of the icons of musical theater and the country opera.

Carmel and Reuban Kelly from Trundle will be part of the orchestra, while Sophie McGrath, Anabelle van Wyk and Joseph Tanswell from Parkes will be on their side.

Amy Ross and Lexi Harden, students of Parkes Christian School, will sing alongside Josh – and it’s clear that it’s more than just a gig.

Asked by the Parkes Champion Post earlier this week on why he came to a place like Parkes after performing on the most glamorous stages around the world, Josh said that for him it was all about the music, not the stage.

“It’s such a thing for me to not look at performance as scales from small to large,” he said.

“My purpose and my service is to help people enter another world through music, whether in the West End, the Opera, Parkes or in my living room with my fiancé.”

It’s been a tough time for artists the past few years during the COVID pandemic, and Josh said he’s excited to be able to perform for people.

For him, music isn’t just an experience for the ears, it’s an experience for the soul – and when you talk to him about singing, it’s clear how much it means to him to be able to take fans into travel.

“We all need live music back,” Josh said.

“For the most part, we’ve been deprived of it for two years, and people need to remember the music and how it makes them feel.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the Victoria area, and Port Fairy has a folk festival which unfortunately had to be canceled during COVID.

“I was able to go there last year and did a few gigs at the local theater and it was just great to see what music can do.

“What he does for emotional and spiritual health brings people to life and sparks conversations that only happen when people hear the music,” Josh said.

Having spent a lot of time living in London while playing the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera in the West End, Josh said he was eager to move on to the mid-west – an area he’s never been to.

“I’ve never been to Parkes, so I’m really excited to get there,” he said.

“Obviously I can never forget how beautiful this country is, but living abroad reminds me how lucky we are to have places like Parkes, Orange, Bathurst and Dubbo.”

It’s not just an aerial visit to Parkes either – there are three days left in the area and locals will have the opportunity for a masterclass with Josh.

He explained that he had a similar opportunity with one of Australia’s musical theater greats and that he admires people at the top of their game who behave with grace – something he wants to share with the next generation of musical stars in Parkes.

“I just try to be the best human I can be, to give a lot of life, to share what excites me and to embody the behaviors, the patterns and the way of being that makes these young people feel appreciated”, did he declare.

“I had the opportunity 20 years ago to play the backing vocals of Marina Prior (one of Australia’s great musical theater actresses, of course, who also starred in Phantom), and then it came full circle recently for Phantom, and neither I nor Marina had forgotten it.

“I also admired the golden voice of Anthony Warlow, and now have the opportunity to play the Phantom after him, Hugh Jackman as well – such a wonderful person, and I too athletes at the top of the game who play gracefully like Ash Barty and Roger Federer.

“So I’m looking forward to working with people like Billie (Palen), Jared (Draper), and especially Henry (Best, from Grenfell) and Holly (Hare, from Bathurst).

“I love watching young people who have it all in front of them, who haven’t been jaded or who haven’t blown their ego too much – it’s all for the pure love of the craft and it’s an injection for me too , because it reminds me of wide-eyed dreaming,” Josh said, still enthusiastic.


2022 is a big year for Josh – he’s reprising his lead role in Phantom of the Opera at the Sydney Opera House from August ahead of a season at the Arts Center Melbourne from October.

He said he was looking forward to giving people a new experience of the famous opera.

“I can’t wait to share the Phantom with everyone, it will obviously be a bit different from the West End with new business and people, but it will be a new experience and a chance for the older generation who have seen it with Anthony in the 90s to fall in love with it again and show it to a whole new generation.”

This reporter saw it in the 90s and can’t wait to see Josh play the part – and we’re even more excited to see him on the Cooke Park Pavilion stage on April 2.

You won’t want to miss this epic concert!

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