Musical theater songs for those who don’t like musical theater


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Not everyone is a fan of musicals. Here are some song suggestions that won’t immediately put you off.


Some people have only attended the production of “Beauty and the Beast” at their local high school, and others know every word of every song on the “Wicked” soundtrack. Musical theater fans, like any other fan base, range from casual interest to extreme obsession. However, there are people who turn to the genre completely.

Maybe some people don’t like the style of contemporary musical theater, or others don’t like the stories and dialogue built into the song. Anyway, every time “Waving Through A Window” starts playing, they’re the first to say, “Turn it off! “

However, I believe that those who don’t like musical theater songs just haven’t heard the ones they would like. Musical theater embodies a lot of different genres, so I think there is something for everyone. Here is a list of musical theater song recommendations for people who don’t like musical theater.

1. “Make Me Happy” – “35MM: A musical exhibition”

This song absolutely, to be frank, rocks! The rock style is perfect for people who are put off by the typical piano ballad of musical theater, as it includes electric guitar and a very edgy violin part. He really is a headbanger. The song is about two people in a relationship who make each other happy because they are both loud and mean, so they complement each other. “35MM” is a song cycle, which means the storylines of the songs on the show don’t connect, but they all have separate storylines. “35MM” also has a non-stereotypical musical theater sound that embodies rock / pop music.

2. “Stupid with love” – ​​”Mean Girls”

“Mean Girls” is a classic, and the musical form is the same. For those who love the nostalgia for that early 2000s movie, “Mean Girls” is going to scratch that itch. “Stupid With Love” features Cady Heron singing about how she loves a boy in her arithmetic class and how completely new to loving. It’s not only relatable, but it shows amazing voices and funny lyrics that can be told to any desperate romantic. “Mean Girls” also features other songs that tell the story of the film and introduce iconic characters from the film.

3. “Maman Mia” – “Mamma Mia”

Of course, “Mamma Mia” had to be on this list. For those who already love ABBA’s cheesy pop styles, “Mamma Mia”, the musical is perfect. It features classic ABBA songs, along with a story to accompany them. Jukebox musicals, like this one, are musicals that create a story from songs by a certain artist or creator that are already written. Therefore, they make quite popular and compelling shows. The song “Mamma Mia” is definitely a classic and one to make anyone nearby dance and make a fool of themselves.

4. “Let It Go” – “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”

For anyone who enjoys a good Disney movie, the good news is that you are halfway to musical theater. Disney has produced numerous Broadway musicals, including “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin” and “Frozen”. The adaptations of their famous animations translate perfectly on stage and are enough to make any Disney fan geek. Obviously, “Let It Go” is the soundtrack’s most iconic song, and Caissie Levy does it justice. With an opt-up at the end of the song, you’ll be sure to get chills.

5. “Bend and Snap” – “Legally Blonde The Musical”

Another classic from the early 2000s, “Legally Blonde”, is a fantasy film. Six years later, the musical made its Broadway debut with a great cast and incredible songs. “Bend and Snap” is the musical theater equivalent of “WAP”, making it the perfect hype song and a great musical theater option for those who love pop songs. “Bend and Snap” is about Elle’s sorority team helping Paulette become confident as she learns the turn and snap. This song is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling like a badass.

6. “When he sees me” – “Waitress”

While “Waitress” has more of a contemporary musical theater sound, this song is still perfect for those who generally don’t like musical theater. The great thing about musical theater is that it tells stories about universal feelings. “When He Sees Me” is about an insecure woman who doesn’t want to date her because it puts him at risk of getting hurt. If you tell me you’ve never been, you’re lying. This song will make you feel sick while making you laugh. You’ll love the message of this song so much that you’ll forget you’re even listening to a musical.

7. “Seasons of love” – ​​”Rent”

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it is sung. The moving and moving chorus that sings “Seasons of Love” will warm your heart. This song is about ways to quantify a year and how love is something that can do that. The song also features some amazing vocals that are sure to blow your mind. “Rent” also has a film adaptation, making it accessible and more appealing to those who are not typical fans of musical theater.

8. “Just One Step” – “Songs for a New World”

Phenomenal actress and singer Shoshana Bean puts a New York accent for a hilarious, one-of-a-kind song. “Just One Step” is about the delusions of a woman who is literally on the edge because she feels like her husband doesn’t care about her. Of course, she’s not exactly suicidal, but she will do anything to get her husband to say something to her. Shoshana’s comedic performance is spectacular, enough to make you forget that this is musical theater. “Songs For a New World” is another song cycle, and it’s composed by Jason Robert Brown. Other songs from “Songs For a New World” like “The Steam Train” and “The River Won’t Flow” also feature incredible vocals and combine genres like pop, jazz and gospel.

9. “Cabinet Battle # 1” – “Hamilton”

Although this comparison has been made several times before, it remains true that “Hamilton” is a fantastic choice for non-traditional theater sound due to the hip hop / rap sound. “Cabinet Battle # 1” (and “Cabinet Battle # 2” for that matter) emanates from a fighting style of rap that tells historical stories at the same time. “Hamilton” is an extremely well-written series, and now that it’s on Disney +, it’s even more accessible to those who may not have seen the musical before and want to try it out.

10. “Whatever You Want To Do” – “Six: The Musical”

“Six” tells the story of the life of the six wives of Henry VIII. Most of the songs on “Six,” especially “All You Wanna Do,” are pretty much pop songs already – think Britney Spears or Kesha. The actual staging of Six looks more like a concert than a musical theater performance. “All You Wanna Do” tells the story of Katherine Howard, who has been treated and sexually assaulted by men throughout her life.

Musical theater is such a special genre of music that tells a story through a complex composition of instruments and voices. It communicates universal messages about the situations and feelings we all experience. It gives the impression of being seen, which is not too trivial. Many people who have self-proclaimed themselves to hate musical theater have never given it a chance. Finding a niche in musical theater that is right for you, hopefully by reading this list, is a great way to give it a try.


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