Musical theater graduates will perform in Cadogan Hall concerts


As the coronavirus pandemic halted the training of performing arts students and graduates, a series of concerts were held to celebrate their resilience. 40 artists will participate in the concerts, available from March 26 to April 4.

Musical theater concerts will allow young artists to showcase their talents. The events will be hosted by Six stars Grace Mouat and Courtney Bowman, as well as Everybody’s talking about Jamie and FiverIt’s Luke Bayer.

Programming includes: Abel Law, Alice Croft, Amelia Atherton, Aoife O’Dea, Ayesha Patel, Ben Joyce, Beth Mabin, Bibi Jay, Cassie McCluskey, Charlotte Hannah Jones, Curtis Patrick, Darcy Finden, David Mairs-McKenzie, Dean Makowski -Clayton, Fallon Mondlane, Faye Wheeler, Gabe Hampton-Saint, George Maddison, Georgia Lennon, Harriet Waters, Henry Shine, India Chadwick, Jay Worley, Jennifer Adab, Jo Stephenson, Joely Colleen Emms, Karen Wilkinson, Kingsley Morton, Kyle Birch , Lewis Snell, Mark Lockhart, Markus Sodergren, Megan Cerys-Holland, Millie Cranston, Nardia Ruth, Nathan Shaw, Niels Bouwmeester, Olivia Lallo and Sam Rippon.

Three charity concerts will be available at scheduled times from March 26 to 28. After that, they’ll air on demand until April 4, with all proceeds going to Acting for Others.

More information about the Graduates at Cadogan Hall series can be found found here.

Photo credit: Courtney Bowman, Grace Mouat and Luke Bayer (Photo courtesy of Mobius Industries)


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