Musical theater competitions for young DIMFs start in February 2022


Daegu International Music Festival (hereinafter referred to as DIMF) launches two global musical theater competitions for young people, “DIMF Musicalstar”, Korea’s No. 1 music competition and “DIMF College Musical Festival”, a competition festival for varsity teams in February 2022.

‘DIMF Musicalstar’, a gateway for many rising stars and global talent discoveries, has announced the start of its 8th competition this year.

In order to show their skills, potential talents and growth potential of the candidates, various assignments such as thematic group assignments will be carried out. In addition, the entire process of the competition will be broadcast as an 8-episode program via national broadcasts, which can make good expressions for the audience before its debut.

In particular, DIMF not only organizes a competition, but offers various stages at DIMF, a showcase in New York for the winners and many other hands-on experiences.

All young people can participate in various forms, from individuals to groups of up to 10 people. International applicants (those who are not of Korean nationality) will pass the two preliminary rounds by video projection. The finalists of the preliminary rounds will receive airfare and accommodation to participate in the 1st round to be held in Korea. This is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

The top next generation music star in 2022 will receive a trophy, including a cash prize of up to 10 million won, and any young person between the ages of 9 and 24 (born after January 1, 1998 and before December 31, 2013) can apply. “The 8th DIMF Musicalstar” application will be accepted through the DIMF website from February 3 (Thu) to February 28 (Mon), and the full-scale competition is expected to begin in March.

DIMF, which held “DIMF College Musical Festival”, Korea’s first global competition festival for students, as a “festival” rather than a “competition” in the past two years due to the pandemic, returned to world competition after a two-year absence.

‘DIMF College Musical Festival’ serves as a venue for cultural exchange to improve skills through competitions between national and international students. Over 100 works have been staged over the past 15 years at the College Musical Festival.

DIMF offers various stage opportunities for participants to develop beyond competitions such as “DIMFringe” and the DIMF Opening and Closing Concerts, as well as practical support benefits such as performance support, rental of space, on-site operations and public relations and marketing support to the college teams that qualified for the finals.

The application for the 16th DIMF College Musical Festival is expected to be accepted from February 7 (Monday) to March 18 (Friday), and the preliminaries will start in April and the finalists will be selected in May. International college teams will be judged by video. The college teams that qualify for the finals will perform on stage at the 16th DIMF to be held in Daegu, Korea from June 24 (Fri) to July 11 (Mon). At the festival finale, the ‘DIMF Awards’, group and individual prizes, including the grand prize, are awarded.

In particular, DIMF offers the opportunity to become a global star through cooperation with Harmonia Holdings, Ltd., an American performance distributor.

DIMF Musicalstar winners will have the opportunity to showcase their skills to local experts through a local New York showcase, and College Musical Festival Individual Prize winners will be awarded an exclusive overseas training tour at Broadway to learn from local experts. However, DIMF will decide whether or not to continue this program depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Thus, the two representative competitions of the DIMF to discover the musical talents of the next generation are completely free, and more information can be found on the DIMF website (


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