MCU’s Loki is secretly Peter Pan


Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been dubbed the “God of Mischief” throughout his MCU adventures – but is he actually a variant of Peter Pan?

Could Tom Hiddleston mcu Would Loki be Peter Pan, rather than the god of mischief? Debut in 2011 ThorLoki began his Marvel film career as a charming and charismatic – but rather straightforward – villain, and doubled his evil by invading Earth in 2012. The Avengers. Since then, however, Loki has earned his redemption in two completely separate timelines. His original form helped Thor defeat Hela by Thor: Ragnarok, then died at the hands of Thanos. His Disney+ variant dropped VAT and fell in love (with himself, but still…)

Both versions showed remorse for their past misdeeds and acknowledged that their misbehavior was due to a desire for love and attention. As Loki evolves into a more complex MCU entity and Tom Hiddleston pulls out additional weapons from his dramatic arsenal, the more intriguing Marvel’s Loki becomes. The more he also looks less like the God of Mischief from Asgard, and more like Peter Pan from Neverland…


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On the surface level, Loki and Peter Pan both share a penchant for green, dabble in magic, and notoriously lack parents. Both characters also show a reluctance to grow up – one refuses to grow old, the other makes strange impressions on his brother’s work friends. More obvious parallels of history emerge in Lokiwhere Episode 5 sees a variant alligator bite Chairman Loki’s hand, reflecting how Peter PanThe crocodile transformed Captain Hand into Captain Hook. As the Reddit user pointed out River_Rattler, the two heroes fight with daggers and barely age, while Loki leads a ragtag band of stragglers he has rescued much like Peter Pan commands the Lost Boys. Neverland, meanwhile, is akin to the Void dimension that TVA’s trash is thrown into – there’s even a nearby shipwreck when Loki first lands.

Loki wielding his daggers at the VAT at Loki

A comparison between Marvel’s Loki and JM Barrie’s Peter Pan might seem ridiculous at first, but there’s a mythological basis behind their similarity. Barrie based his character on the Greek god Pan, who is famous for his goat-like horns – the same horns you’ll find on Loki’s trademark helmet. And while not a god of mischief, Pan was the god of nature, associated with music and sexuality, which feels very much within Loki’s sphere of interest. In the MCU, Loki is, of course, a frost giant, and with Russell Crowe’s Zeus bringing Greek mythology to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder, it is highly unlikely that Loki and Pan will be one. Nonetheless, Thor’s presence in the MCU revealed how Earth’s history mixes and misinterprets mythological figures into their own belief systems. Maybe Loki somehow sneaked into Greek mythology as well as Norse mythology (jokingly, obviously), and some of his attributes – the helmet, for example – were attributed mistakenly to Pan, who later inspired Peter Pan.

Eternals may provide an alternate explanation behind Loki’s Peter Pan-isms in the MCU. Chloe Zhao’s 2021 effort confirms that Kingo and Thor are old friends, meaning the Eternals likely hung out with Loki too. In Marvel comics, Sprite directly influences JM Barrie’s Peter Panand this is referenced (although not explicitly confirmed) in the mcu also. Rather than borrowing from Barrie Sprite for its most famous character, the author may have instead taken inspiration from one of the Eternals’ friends – a certain Asgardian trickster.

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