Madame Web Movie Theory: piecing history together


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We are still a little over a year away from the release of Madame Web in theaters, with very few plot details and character confirmations for theories and speculation. However, thanks to our editor, Lizzie’s Hillwe now have a solid foundation to put a few pieces together and develop a well-founded theory.

By now you’ll probably have read his exclusive regarding the casting of the upcoming Madame Web film. If not, I highly recommend that you read this article first, as this theory will be based on Lizzie’s exclusive report. Be sure to check that out here.

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[Warning: Potential SPOILERS will be discussed below for Madame Web..]

Madame Web introduces an all-new hero network

Speculation has it that Madame Web will assemble a team of Spider-Women for a mission. Thanks to At Lizzie Hill report linked above, we now know those heroes will be Cassandra Webb, Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazon, and Mattie Franklin. Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Mercedand Celeste O’Connor will portray these roles, respectively.

In addition, Emma Roberts, who many have assumed to play Jessica Drew, is actually Mary Parker, the mother of Peter Parker. And finally, Adam Scott was also confirmed to portray Peter’s uncle, Ben Parker, in the upcoming film. With the question of who is playing who finally answered, we can now turn our attention to the next big question.

At Madame Web story: how does it all fit together?

Based on several images taken by Boston residents and paparazzi from the set, we know that the film, or at least part of it, is set around 2003. This has led to speculation that Madame Web is defined in the Sat Raimi/Tobey Maguire the world of cinema.

However, given the appearance of Emma Roberts VERY pregnant Mary Parker (as seen in the tweet of some images below), it looks like this isn’t the Raimiverse at all. Instead, it seems to be happening just before Peter Parker was born and in the early 2000s.

There’s also the factor of a relatively young Ben Parker (played by Adam Scott) being a paramedic. Recent set footage apparently has him working up close by Dakota Johnson Cassandra Webb on a very dangerous car accident and a rescue attempt. Uncle Ben wasn’t a paramedic in the comics, so this is a new angle for him.

A mission to save the multiverse, or at least the Spider-Verse

Like most, I tend to believe the film will dive into multiverse shenanigans or, at the very least, time travel. I predict whoever this movie’s antagonist is will target Ben Parker and Mary Parker for one reason only – to prevent Spider-Man from existing in the first place. It’s whether it’s in this specific universe or any other in the Spider-Verse.

It could be argued that these two people are among the most important people in Peter Parker’s life. Peter couldn’t have been born without Mary Parker, and Spider-Man would never exist without her or Ben Parker. One of the biggest factors that turned Peter into Spider-Man was Uncle Ben’s death. Without his wisdom and iconic line, Spider-Man wouldn’t be the same person or hero we know and love.

The Web of Life and Fate (Marvel Comics)

In Marvel Comics, there is a mystical force known as the Web of Life and Destiny. This Web of Reality is synonymous with the multiverse and the Spider-Verse. However, the Web of Reality focuses more on Spider-Man lore and characters than other Marvel characters. Plus, some characters hold this Web of Reality in place. They are called Spider-Totems.

One of the most prominent Spider-Totems is Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. If you remove one of the main totems, the multiverse would fall out of balance and could tear itself apart. We have already seen this happen during the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, when all known universes began colliding with Universe-616.

The sole purpose of Madame Web is to protect the Web of Life and Destiny by any means necessary. If someone threatens the balance of the multiverse by trying to eliminate Peter Parker before he exists, then the multiverse would be at fault and suffer the consequences of his death. This would certainly be a mission that would deserve Madame Web’s attention.

Madame Web the movie has big implications for the Spider-Verse

It is possible that a story involving the multiverse in Madame Web could have huge implications for another Spider Man project – Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse. The web of life and fate was already in the first spider worms Payment.

The Madame Web Movie Has Implications For The Spider-Verse

It is therefore possible, although remote, that the events of Madame Web may have some effect in the next few spider worms after. Who knows? Perhaps the actresses could even voice their own characters for the animated sequel. But I guess only time will tell what plans Sony has in store.

Find out more about Across the Spiderverse, including more than 10 characters we should expect in Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse.

Through the Spider-Verse Characters

Spider-Egg…I mean Easter egg bonus!

Yesterday, Twitter user and Bostonian Sidney Bergan posted this image below. Madame Web is the only Marvel movie currently filming in Massachusetts as far as we know, and so it looks like the film will include a Spider-Man Easter egg. If you can’t read the sign on the restaurant, this is the 4 star dining. The restaurant is known to be in Queens and a place where Peter spent time during his college years.

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