Love & Thunder Teaser May Have Confirmed a Moon Knight Theory


The Thor: Love and Thunder teaser is out now, but the film’s main villain is noticeably absent, which could confirm a current Moon Knight fan theory.

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knightavailable now on Disney+.

Marvel Studios released the first official Thor: Love and Thunder teaser, but Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher is nowhere to be found. The villain’s absence might actually confirm a popular Reddit theory. There has been strong speculation that the Thor: Love and Thunder the trailer was delayed due to a possible connection to Moon Knightand not watching the godslayer villain during the teaser only gives this rumor more credence.

The current theory is that Gorr will debut during a post-credits scene in Moon Knightin which he will attack, and potentially kill, some of the Egyptian gods, with a warning to Mark and Khonshu about his arrival. Moon Knight sets up many different gods of the Egyptian pantheon who have been hiding from threats like this for quite some time, but seeing Gorr walk through and destroy the gods’ sense of security would really cement just how terrifying this villain is. It would also be an amazing way to generate even more excitement for the next one. Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Moon Knight Thor

Gorr the God Butcher received his title during Jason Aaron’s series Thor by literally murdering gods with the All-Black Necrosword he found on a dying god trying to escape Knull. Learning that gods existed but did nothing to help sparked immense rage within Gorr, and he took the sword to himself to begin his godslaying spree across all realities. Moon Knight just established in Episode 3 that the majority of Egyptian gods no longer support humanity, which is more than enough to fuel the ire of a villain like Gorr.

It also makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective, especially after seeing that first trailer. This teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder has a quiet, lighthearted feel, with only a glimpse of the conflict at the end for the reveal of Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, thus setting up murderous Gorr at the end of Moon Knight would create a tense and exciting juxtaposition. It would be a great moment of dramatic irony for fans, as it’s clear the party will end quickly during the film.

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Beginner Gorr at the end of Moon Knight would further establish just how much of a legitimate threat this villain poses to Thor and his allies. It’s a great opportunity to show just how powerful the Necrosword All-Black really is, and maybe even an opportunity to explain his history within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could very well be that Gorr obtains this deadly and legendary weapon from one of the Egyptian gods who kept it hidden.

It’s certainly significant that Gorr wasn’t shown in the first teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder. The rumor mill is swirling even faster with speculation as to when this major villain will make his first appearance, and if the fans are right, then Khonshu and the Egyptian gods are in grave danger. This epic reveal could be coming soon, as there are only three episodes of Moon Knight left, so fans will surely keep their eyes peeled for the inevitable post-credit scenes.

Moon Knight is now streaming Disney+ with new episodes every Wednesday. Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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