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Ethan (played by George Rainsford) remained a single father when his future wife, Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima), was killed in a tragic accident on Casualty last year. Over the past few months, the beloved doctor has tried to focus more on his career and raising his son rather than getting distracted by romantic endeavors on the BBC drama. However, in the upcoming scenes of the television program, he will decide to dive into the deep end which could lead to his departure from Holby City.

The drama begins in the second episode of the night, which will focus solely on Ethan and the impact Fenisha’s death had on him.

It’s been eight months since his wife died, and he’s finally ready to embark on a new romance with police officer Amy (Catrin Stewart).

Breaking away from the show’s conventional format, the episode will feature plenty of flashback scenes as viewers get a glimpse of how Ethan met his new love.

As they have a drink together, the newcomer will want to hear about some of the doctor’s horror stories in the emergency department.

Although he has many stories to tell, Ethan’s spirit will return to the summer he spent with Fenisha before his tragic demise.

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Along with the present and past timeline, a third timeline will examine the most recent past.

This will explain how Ethan came to meet Amy, but viewers of the show will likely be more focused on Fenisha’s return.

The actress who played the deceased character, Olivia, reprized her role for the special scenes, which will document how in love she was with Ethan.

In the weeks leading up to their wedding day, the couple will have been stronger than ever, completely unaware of the heartache that was about to unfold.

Returning to the present day, the father-of-one will realize that his emotions over Fenisha’s disappearance are still too strong to face.

Deciding he has to put himself first for once, Ethan might decide he’s going to pack his bags and start a new chapter of his life somewhere else.

He will always have a memory of Fenisha when he watches their son, but being in a new place will help him move on.

Having been on the show for eight years, it will be heartbreaking for viewers to see the beloved character step down.

The actor who plays Ethan, George, spoke about the special episode which airs on Saturday night and the impact Fenisha’s return will have on his character.

Appearing on ITV’s Loose Women, the soap opera star gave the dramatic episode a little more context, saying: “It’s the first date with this character, who we meet next week.”

“The episode takes place across multiple timelines, so you find out when they first met,” the actor continues.

“She’s a police officer and she comes to the hospital. She’s basically trying to interview one of Ethan’s patients, so they’re at loggerheads, to begin with.”

Discussing the return of his co-star, Olivia, who plays Fenisha, George added: “So it was exciting and it was nice to have Olivia back.

“What was nice is that because it was a flashback, it was happier times, which we couldn’t massively establish.

“It was really fun,” he remarked.

There hasn’t been an official announcement on whether George will be leaving the show, but viewers recently took to Twitter to comment on Ethan’s recent storylines.

Scully commented on the social media platform: “Love Ethan #Casualty flashbacks have been brilliant…they’ve done a lot lately #Loosewomen.”

Beckie added, “I can’t deny that I’m kinda in love with Ethan.”

Ryan remarked, “I’m glad Ethan and Fenisha’s parents have built bridges. Ethan gets to see Bodhi again, which is lovely even if it’s part-time.”

Tom wrote: “Ethan is one of the most down to earth people #victim” so could there be heartbreak if Ethan actually came out?

Casualty continues tonight at 8.40pm on BBC One.


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