Letter to the Editor: Maine State Musical Theater provides welcome respite


The world is “on fire” these days with inflation, gas and food prices, Ukraine, the stock market – the list goes on.

And, what did I do last week to escape this “reality” for a few hours? I went to the Bowdoin campus to see “The Sound of Music” from the Maine State Musical Theater. I expected to be drawn to this familiar musical, but I didn’t expect an evenly polished production with talent that continually made my jaw drop and my clapping hands hurt.

The production reminded me that despite the problems in our lives, if we can earn enough money and avoid certain vices for about a week (for example, donuts, takeout and cigarettes come to us immediately mind), we can escape – just like the von The Trapp Family did in that nostalgic musical and I can still recite the lyrics to the songs.

So many big and small corporate sponsors have helped bring this production to life (Press Herald, The Great Impasta, Bill Dodge and others) and as a Mainer, I greatly appreciate their financial support.

I know there are options for Mainers to leave the real world for a few hours. But, if you’re looking for a time where you can watch Broadway-level talent, have people around you smile for hours on end, and help preserve a Maine “gem”, I suggest you visit an MSMT production and prepare get the escape that’s badly needed these days.

Rich West
Cape Elizabeth

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