Legal Experts Share Compelling Theory Behind Kanye West’s Latest Legal Ruling Against Kim Kardashian


Legal Experts Share Compelling Theory Behind Kanye West's Latest Legal Ruling Against Kim Kardashian

According to legal experts, Kanye “Ye” West’s arguments have their fair share of legal merits, “but the resolution is not as dramatic as his lawyers seem to think.” San Diego-based attorney Dana Marie Rueckert, a Certified Family Law Specialist with Kaspar & Lugay LLP exclusively told Nicki Swift that if Kim Kardashian receives her request to return to single status, she would only have to “compensate Mr. West for any adverse effect on his rights to the funds in his retirement account.”

Rueckert also pointed out that considering that spousal privilege is “considered sacrosanct under California law absent a waiver,” Ye’s request to waive it seems less about the battle for custody and more about him “imposing on Mrs. Kardashian’s future marital relationships”. He will have to come to terms with the fact that their marital status will eventually be terminated, and since custody will be an ongoing issue for them as their children are still young, “Mr. West should not be allowed to tax Ms. Kardashian’s potential marital relationship and communications relating thereto during this period.

Regarding Ye’s relentless online harassment, attorney Christa Ramey, civil attorney and co-founder of Los Angeles PC Ramey Law, says Meta, the company that owns Instagram, has the ability to ban him on the platform for violating their community guidelines. However, they are “not obligated to do so”. Additionally, “with the company’s immunity under Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, it has no liability that may arise from its failure to act.”


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