Latin Musical Theater Lab Launches Database of Latin Writers


“Where are all the Latin writers? This is a question that the Latiné Musical Theater Lab has made it its primary mission to answer.

And now the Lab has compiled a database of writers, and it’s live and in color!

The database currently contains 100 Latin musical theater authors – librettists, lyricists and composers. Each artist has an individual profile that shares their hometown, pronouns, identities, social media handles, and a link to their personal website that directs the user to learn more about each writer, their music, and the stories he says. The database is easy to navigate and organized alphabetically by first initial of each writer’s first name.

“Where are all the Latin writers? Now there is an answer! They are neatly organized in a new database and ready to get to work. It’s time to tell our stories!

*The lab would like to thank Gretta Martson-Lari, lab staff member, the brains behind this digital database!

To access the database, please visit:

For those wishing to be added to the database, please email: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Latiné Musical Theater Lab, LLC is an organization that develops and champions new works of musical theater written in Latin to dramatically change who can tell musical stories on stages nationwide.


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