Ketanji Brown Jackson: A future SCOTUS judge with musical theater chops


Little shop, little shoppa horrors
Bop sh-bop, you’ll never stop
Little shop, little shoppa horrors
No, oh, oh
No, oh, oh
No, oh, oh, no!

When we talk about a “little shop of horrors” here, we’re not talking about a Supreme Court with a 6 to 3 conservative majority. We’re talking about the musical in which Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, presidential candidate Supreme Court, performed while at Harvard. Future Justice’s musical prowess was noted on Twitter:

Jackson – then known as Ketanji Brown – not only shared stages with Matt Damon in an acting class, but she shared the Little Shop stage with actor and comedian Mo Rocca. This is definitely something worth bragging politely about!

Jackson was cast as Ronnette, a member of the musical’s Greek chorus. (Many moons ago I played Crystal on the same show.) If Jackson is confirmed, we suspect we might see a bit of Ronnette reappear in her dissents, as she’ll be one of the only judges who really knows what’s going on.

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