Kaley Cuoco hasn’t taken a vacation since ‘The Big Bang Theory’ premiere, says it ‘made me sick’


Kaley Cuoco is an actress and producer well known for her work in the long-running television comedy series The Big Bang Theory. A talented comedic artist, Cuoco made waves on the 2020 HBO Max schedule The stewardess.

Through his work in The stewardess, Cuoco gained a whole new following of fans, viewers who appreciated his ability to bring intense and dramatic situations to life. Even though his professional life has been thriving, Cuoco’s personal life has given him problems.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Cuoco opened up about her recent split from husband Karl Cook, revealing the emotional toll of the past few years and noting how she plans to focus on herself in the months ahead.

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When did Kaley Cuoco announce her divorce from Karl Cook?

In September 2021, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook announced their separation. The two had been married since 2018 and had frequently spoken about their unconventional love, with Cuoco even admitting in the past that they waited over a year to move into the same house. Cuoco didn’t have much of a chance to mourn the end of her marriage to Cook.

In a recent interview with CharmCuoco spoke about the days immediately following the divorce announcement, admitting that a few days later she left to begin filming the second season of The stewardess. Between the stress of the divorce and the intensity of filming the second season of the drama series, the latter which she documented on instagramCuoco began to feel negative effects, both mentally and physically.

What did Kaley Cuoco say about prioritizing her mental health?

“My therapist and I are working on forgiveness and we forgive each other for making mistakes,” Cuoco told Glamour, revealing that she was still working on processing the “trauma” of divorce with Cook. “I had these emotional scenes and then I would come home and cry about my personal life. I developed a rash that went from my lower stomach to my leg. It lasted seven months,” said the actor said, “I found out through therapy and my doctors that it was completely emotional. This is how stress (appeared) physically. I couldn’t even walk. The scenes were so hot and lively; there was no calm.

Cuoco went on to describe that she never allowed herself time to relax. Describing herself in Glamor as a woman driven by success in her career, the actress admitted she hasn’t taken a holiday since filming The Big Bang Theory. “I love working. I’d rather work than hang out somewhere on a beach. But (this relentless pursuit) made me sick. I mean, the rash on my leg doesn’t lie. It was crazy. It’s gone now, but I know I’m prone to it,” Cuoco said.

Kaley Cuoco said she would never remarry again

Cuoco’s marriage to Karl Cook was not her first. In fact, the actor was married to tennis player Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016. His dating experiences in the spotlight have Cuoco rethinking his future, at least when it comes to marriage and commitment. “I will never marry again. I would like to have a lasting relationship or partnership. But I will never get married again,” Cuoco told Glamour.

She also admitted that in the future she plans to take time off from work to focus on her relationships – nurturing them ‘like a plant’. Cuoco was transparent in her analysis, noting that she wants to “change” and “be better” for the sake of her next romantic partner. For Cuoco, life in the spotlight hasn’t been easy, but it’s given her the tools she needs to implement positive change for the future.

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